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657,895,7842010-03-29 11:12:07 +0000 #1
400 meters how to raise achievement within 60s? I have 72s in general, the fastest 68 seconds, although the results were poor, but I still do the second class, the first three coming full circle with 80 seconds are run not enter! My third year. That first 62 seconds it can go, with a total by his laugh ah! Who can tell me 400 meters clever ruse?
Water Erjin2010-03-29 11:14:17 +0000 #2
drink Red Bull before running, or cola, very useful!

I said a few words to see if useful to you.

1, pay attention to breathing pattern

mouth and nose while breathing, tongue and palate roof, so that air from the tongue on both sides of the adoption can be moist air, but also to avoid the cold air blowing straight voice.

2, warming-up

1. The first micro-jog sweat can.

2. Done stretching, pressure waist, twist, stretch shoulder and other activities, will be related to joints, ligaments, muscles activity to open.

3. Do 2,3 30-meter buildup.

The above 20 minutes before the race finish.

A later time

1. You can adapt to the hair to have the habit of issuing the order, followed with the gun. Is made to have the hair on to others when you have done to make the starting line action (do not affect the competitions).

2. On the runway and do a few in-situ of the vertical jump, improve the look excited. 3. Time to pay attention to maintaining body temperature, do not let the body cool down.

3, which is presented

In fact, ordinary students running game is more than perseverance, confidence, to the final 10 meters who are tired, the key is who is ruthless, who can stick to live, as to be able to stick with the last laugh.
Earth LJ2010-03-29 11:31:13 +0000 #3
400 rice is not pay attention to the running of breath, followed by almost 100,

I am on the junior high school, when basically the 58s, when the university increased to 54 seconds. But the University, schools for at least two people definitely faster than me, there can be 52 seconds, basically I was driving into the distance of the.

400 meters is to increase endurance exercise lung capacity, improve explosive power. If you achieved less than 100 meters 13 seconds, we should temper explosive, practice Leapfrog is simple.

If the 100 meters 12 seconds to finish, then the persistence of the practice. This I would not run 400 meters, you can practice varied pace to improve their endurance, varied pace is a sudden spurt tens of meters, and then jogging tens of meters, and then sprint tens of meters, repeated loop, you can find someone in the next to blow the whistle , whistle ring on the shift.
Step out of your rhythm2010-03-29 11:59:12 +0000 #4
You are running a lap, which when cornering, how to control balance and speed, need more contact, more experience.

2 rerun when followed the first, after watching him pace, rhythm.

More than 3 physical activity and gradual manner.

4 fit to wear a pair of shoes, game and regulate emotions



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