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Increased 200 meters

lavender Chi Rain2010-03-31 09:11:45 +0000 #1
have 2 months to go in the physical exam, but I's 200 meters is not very satisfactory, only close to the pass line, some time ago still persist in running a day, a winter vacation may fail at every day run of five floors, two groups leapfrog do not know if there is any effect? If you want to improve the 200 meters as quickly as possible, may I ask how training? I have also checked the Internet a lot of information, but some practice I do not know what to do, and some exercise by space constraints, so I hope you help out, give me a little training program, or method, I beg you to help help me, I I could not sleep in a hurry faster

Dade Hao's friends and I will give points
Maple Jay1232010-03-31 09:22:20 +0000 #2
200 is to the speed of 100M bit middle-distance endurance but also there are more than speed up the Bay Road and thought I support you
qq531071022010-03-31 09:17:36 +0000 #3
there is no condition that the leapfrog, or the rabbit jumped! To practice thigh and calf muscles, as well as 200 meters need endurance, multi-point long-distance running to improve stamina!



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