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How to train toilet VIP

blood Chonger2010-03-31 15:11:35 +0000 #1
VIP my family bought 3 months .... only a few days. It is always open defecation. How to say do not listen, do not hit OK ... there is always like people hold. .. a hold it is necessary to go to bed. At night it is not the time to go to bed to sleep. .... I hope always to harass Gao Ren can help me, thank you ..
dismagelp2010-03-31 15:24:11 +0000 #2
3 months or small dog, and not sensible, LZ should do more to accompany it, instead of closing it. It is chaotic going to the toilet on education it, teach it in their own homes convenient toilet inside.

I am with my classmates were all raised the guests, she was raised when the puppy is 3 months or so, because there are small, so learn it slowly, there are spots skin, do not worry, she is a small tray (above the pad sheet of newspaper), on the toilet, get up early every day, or after a meal, the dog on the tray, just started it certainly did not know why. As long as it is chaotic going to the toilet out of it, throwing dishes, do not obey the lesson of it, the certainly can learn. Another big point of going to the toilet can then be carried out.

My family's white guests, is 6 months when brought back, and when it started, chaos toilet, I was directly put in the toilet paper every morning it off the toilet, it will urine exhausted pushed open the door, pushing not open It will be called. Very good teaching. A little patience. . . This is another way very easy to use. My family to this day to do several times in the newspaper urine, sometimes going to the toilet next to it in the newspaper - but clean-up Ye Hao

my house guests are now over a year old, and still very sticky one ... want to hug, this is inborn come bar



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