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cricket Aberdeen2010-03-31 15:11:41 +0000 #1

Autumn What color?

Millet wrote: autumn is yellow, I just called the autumn wind and yellow.

Sorghum, cotton, said that :--------


Mo-Ju wrote: autumn is black, and I open the flowers is proof.

Pine said: there is no difference between autumn and summer, are, like me, green ......


If you are a grass, give earth to add a sub-Spring.

If you are a flower, give the people to bring a sub-Wen Xin.

Tim sentence in the "------------"
dream1984092010-03-31 15:27:24 +0000 #2
1. Sorghum wrote: autumn is red, I just called Qiuyang dyed.

Cotton wrote: autumn is white, and I bear the fruit of that instance.

2. If you are a drop of water, give everything to bring a sub-life.



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