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How to run 100 meters

Ordering the Wuhu Lai2010-03-31 22:11:01 +0000 #1
teachers, and many seniors say my explosive good physical fitness is not bad. Run 100 meters at the start so quickly. 60-70 m to the front is good. But the last 30 to 40 m are often students overtake. Do not know how to burst out. Not be able to run in the plastic went on about 12 seconds 2. And my coordination was not very good, the body rock, we should pay attention to what I exam ah? How like they were before the last 30 meters?
Lethe _ but since the2010-03-31 22:16:37 +0000 #2
last 30 meters were beyond the state your ability to adapt to the lactic acid is not enough, anaerobic extreme sports are not strong enough. Future outbreaks quickly shows you the power good enough. Do not run 100 meters to run 1000 meters, you can 跑跑 400 meters, 200 meters, running time can not slow time, rest time, they also can not be too long. Can run 100 meters to go back to running again over the past came back repeatedly over the past 10 to 20 group, see your ability, each with a 80 percent effort on the line, or else too much for 20 set, then certainly, the last group with full , but then expected to be difficult to spend the full. Poor coordination can practice a number of complementary coordination exercises, such as ball games. Help your body will shake when you run the body is too stiff, not relaxed, it is very important to run 100 meters of a link, whether coordinated or run when the muscles relax more than I think it should be run, in the process of running Pay attention to your problems, get rid of it. Still do not know how flexible you are kind, but by what you say I feel your flexibility is not too strong, warm-up flexibility training and to do well after. Have to do to relax after training.
Heart cold at2010-03-31 22:49:55 +0000 #3
100 meters in three stages: slow running Accelerative Running Running. According to what you said the distance behind you should try to hold the stride length and stride frequency or multi-practice-based Zengjia adaptability of lactic acid in the back so you can not be said from the 虽 continues to accelerate but maintaining is no problem
out of you2010-03-31 22:50:01 +0000 #4
after 30 meters should try to hold the pace and stride frequency or multi-practice-based adaptive force Zengjia of lactic acid that can not be behind you, the Ju Li Sui Yue yes Ji Xu Dan to maintain a speed no problem
xinghuasking2010-03-31 22:43:55 +0000 #5
100 米 Paofen 3 phases: slow running Accelerative Running Running. According to what you said from behind you should try to hold the pace and stride frequency, or more increase in lactic acid-based practice to adapt to the distance behind you though this can not be said to continue to maintain speed is no problem, but after 30 meters should keep stride length and stride frequency, or living more practice-based lactic acid increased the resilience of the distance behind you though this can not be said to continue to accelerate, but remain no problem
I drop children tired2010-03-31 23:13:16 +0000 #6
this with your usual leg strength training related. . The number of times you change. . Group increased the number of groups. . To practice the whole point of running 100 meters. . ok



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