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Armed forces every day, how to train

z Violet quiet child2010-04-01 11:10:02 +0000 #1
train them every day how the training hours for each subject are few subjects more time there will not have any mission
border Tao Tao2010-04-01 11:20:46 +0000 #2
I was active in the border armed police, what is different every day, the specific units were under the circumstances, on December 20 to recruits with about two days ago, is the house in order and then training every morning from 8.30 to 11.30 training in the afternoon from 14.00 to 17.30. the evening watching TV or what to write letters from home, training in many subjects, there are queues, Arrest, five kilometers, physical, inverted power facilities, and many other tactics, focusing on these items, the task will often , but quite interesting! The first two years of compulsory service to friends back home can switch it!



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