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Knees and begged run method

Qingkong Story2010-04-02 21:11:42 +0000 #1
soon be in the physical exam, I was a girl there is no physical cells. I went to practice, find someone to run a 400 meters, did not breathe one air, I went out of breath. Every 800 tests, I always have 4 points, I'm Mai Bukai legs, frequency slower than the others, as well as anemia. Do not know how to practice. Hope that my dear friend help out! Thanks
Fneaker2010-04-02 21:24:56 +0000 #2
most fundamental is the endurance sports in the test since you run 800, he ran up thousands of peacetime training is necessary, the specific distance determined by your level, but the distance must be long run can not drop the speed down, but it must have to run down, so over time there will be a great upgrade of your endurance. No one is born with good physical strength, should be practicing, you see people running 400 not breathing, is also the result of long-term exercise (400 are generally not breathe ah... This can not be considered long distance from it). I believe that if your weight is no problem, can be practicing up (weight is also a great hope, I have also seen 200 pounds of it able to run a half marathon). Main leg training to jogging steps, do not sit on the stairs when the elevators, multi-step step, one at 2-3, running time to remind ourselves SLR. Frequency you can 跑跑 100 meters, anemia doctor, eat spinach.

Remember: 800 meters is not terrible, not like those people buttoned Sports cells, as long as you are willing to adhere to. Must not Pareto, because when you feel tired, your body's ability to actually improve, if you train never feel tired, it will not increase. So, huh, huh, Keep up the good, I wish you success.



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