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Three days of this year, 11 months how training games 400 and 800? ?

Cherish ya2010-04-03 16:11:14 +0000 #1
Now fast friends in September, November games. 5-10 minutes to complete the morning for exercise, at 30 minutes after school, night school for 20-30 minutes, 2 months, how to practice? Do not copy the Internet, which have seen the best from personal experience. I am a man, the last test a few 3 minutes 20, 21 o'clock and more running, a little allowed it. Also like to drink what to do before running the process in detail points, such as: varied pace - before hundreds of how kind, how kind of the middle, followed by how kind. I almost went to the number, my age is the number of previous standards? ? Most grateful! !
688139332010-04-03 16:16:00 +0000 #2
comprehensive development of physical fitness <uniform development of key positions focused on the development of> endurance + speed training are essential <my brothers and velocity difference of 0.1 200 m 400 m as a whole 0.6 seconds slower> belong to sprint 400 meters high demand on the speed of a good project while endurance is the same.

400m for the first 50 impulse speed. 50 - 250 speed change. 250 - 350 tolerance, attention stability, play skills and pace. The last 50 meters sprint. The most difficult is at 250 - 350!

800 meters

I copy speed is clearly the impact of an important factor in sprint performance. 90

95% of the strength of 20

60m run, each run 4 to 5 times, each time a break from 3 to 6 minutes, for 2 to 3 groups, which will help increase your speed. At the same time, to change the sprint start position, to standing, turning style and the road between the start, this will also help increase your speed. Above that speed training should be in good quality, that is flat, dry surface for Road moderate hardness. Warm weather will help to improve the efficiency of such training. Cold weather is not conducive to such training, but after the completion of the appropriate preparatory activities can be. The development of step frequency: Best time 11 - 13 years old. Focused on the rapid increase muscle contraction speed, to enhance the excitement of the nervous system and inhibition of flexibility training to improve muscle strength and fast twitch muscle relaxation ability. Training Methods: [1] before and after high-speed large swing leg swing contacted and asked to be completed in a reasonable fast swing folding technology, Swing leg folding mount and large, the smaller the radius, the faster the swing speed. [2] to speed up the ground speed of foot exercises require flight time as short as possible. [3] Quick Arm leg swing exercises require coordinated action leg arm. Development step: step size depends mainly on ability to run when the driving strength, after the Long Jump, swing strength, swing speed and flexibility of the hip. Focus on the development of the extensor thigh, hip flexor strength and flexibility. Methods: The weight-bearing for-leg jump, weight-bearing stride, weight-bearing running, weight-bearing dance steps, running steps, significant step dancing (which requires a positive swing leg and the leg under the pressure of the ground from the front to back positive), leapfrog, one foot jumping exercises improve the ability to run when the back step. At the same time, to run the high leg lift, pull the rubber to a high leg lift "wheel running" tuck jumps and other training methods to improve swing speed and to take other means of training methods and training to strengthen the hip joint and muscle flexibility extension of training. Development of absolute speed: need to focus on step length and stride frequency of the best combination of technical movements and running time of all aspects of the rhythm of space. Training Methods: (1) 20-40 m Run marching practice. (2) 4 * 25-50 meter relay, Accelerative Running to catch up with running exercises. (3), downhill running exercise. (4) downwind run to practice. (5) various short passages of varied pace training (1), and time ran 30-60 meters, 3-4 X2-3 group. (2) short-distance relay 2 X50 X50 m or 4 m, 3-4 X2-3 group. (3) to allow 60-100 meters away from running to catch up, 3-5 X3 group. (4) The combination of short distance running (20 m +40 m +60 m +80 m +100 m) X2-3 group. Or (30 m +60 m +100 m +60 m +30 m) X2-3 group. (5) the wind or downhill running 30-60 meters run, 3-4 X2-3 group. (6) short-range varied pace of 100-150 meters (30 m +20 m inertia Run Run Run +30 m +20 m inertia run), 3 X2-3 group. (7) traction tape running (30-60 m, 4-5 X2-3 group. (8) repeatedly ran 30-60 meters and 4-5 X2-3 group. The development of reaction speed and movement speed of the training methods 1 all kinds of ball games; (1) push ball → hands and then start to practice catching the ball rolling (2) throw the ball → hands forward on the catch and catch the ball then ran out of practice two games for the nature of the response to exercise ; 3 issuing the order or listen to the signal (password, applause, etc.) push off the starting blocks of the practice; semi-crouching position, heard the shots quickly jump up and reach high objects. 4 fastest speed of the arm exercises, duration 5 10

20 seconds; 5 the highest frequency of all forms of running high leg lift, duration 5 to 10 seconds; 6, the frequency of small steps to run the fastest, half leg lift running from 30 to 40 m; 7 Quick Step Running after to complete a distance of 50

100 meters (time, total steps); 8 run fast step to complete the distance of 50

100 meters (time, total steps); 9 fast enough to run single to complete the range of 30

60 meters (time, total step ). 10 upright position, gradually and then quickly ran out of front tilt. 11 in the 2-3 degree slope on the runway, uphill or downhill quickly Accelerative Running exercises, from 40-50 meters Insist!!! in long-distance running stress in the process of running to uniform. generally the best results are steady running but we do not look at the last hub. according to their level of training, the race start, we need to dash about, panic, washed several 10 meters to slow down. and then, to maintain their speed, it is best to follow the run, is to keep up a level similar to their own people. Watch for breathing, to call three steps, three steps smoking. forward is to run three single step, has remained breathing, run three single-step, has been breath. If shortness of breath, can not, on the second step into a call for a two-step absorption. Note: Do not Chang's big mouth, otherwise, into the air, my stomach aches. If it is 400 meters standard venue twice and a half, in the final 200 meters, to the exhaustion of body strength, forward, then to a large mouth breathing until the finish line. must be able to get good grades . according to your ability, steady running tactics should be used: In addition to starting and final sprint after Getting run, the way is basically a higher rate of steady running. breathing method during the Middle and Long Distance, human consumption of energy is big, the need for oxygen volume is also large, therefore, to master proper breathing is very important. Middle and Long Distance on the way, in order to increase the pulmonary ventilation, breathing with nose and mouth at the same time breathing method. breathing and running rhythms rhythm should match the general use of the two Step one call, two steps of a suction, or three steps and exhale smoke three steps. breathing should pay attention to increase the depth of breathing. 7, pole "and" Second Breath "Middle and Long Distance, due to lag behind the supply of oxygen physical needs, run a certain distance, there will be chest nausea, breathing rhythm is damaged, breathing difficulties, limb weakness, and difficult to run again feelings go. This phenomenon is called pole. "This is the normal Long Distance phenomenon. When, "pole" appears, with a strong will to continue to run down, while strengthening the breathing, adjusting pace. so, after some distance, the breathing becomes more uniform, action, feel comfortable again, all discomfort disappeared This is called the second breathing status. in the Middle and Long Distance Movement, more because of insufficient preparation and prone to abdominal pain, mainly caused by gastrointestinal spasm, then students must not be nervous, can hand hold down the site of pain , slow running speed, do a couple of breaths, over time, the pain will disappear. or used to follow the run play: After starting, always follow the leader or small group in the back, and strive to exceed competitors in the final sprint stage, took the lead through the end . there running action: to note is that while running must be relaxed and coordination. This requires the establishment of the correct action based on the feet of the ground the ground using the whole foot, knee Huanchongguodu 到 ball of your foot stomp. upper body upright relaxed, his arms swing naturally strong. Also in a few suggestions: First of all, before the game, "before three days from today to" eat less or eat sugary foods to eat before the game began three days of high pond food eat Bacheng full race day, better digestion, before the game 30 - 40 minutes to drink water 200ML glucose concentration of 40%. Also take 3 vitamin C. Do not eat chocolate. 2, do a good job before exercise Warming. athletics is likely to cause muscle, joint and ligament injuries, particularly lower limb injuries more opportunities. The only way to prevent the warm-up. preparatory activities more fully the less prone to injury. could be jogging on the basis of the shoulder, elbow , Beiyao muscles, legs and other parts of knee and ankle joint activities to strengthen the power of muscle ligament and improve the body's sensitivity and coordination in order to prevent injury, can improve their achievement. 4, before exercise or competition, students should pay attention to maintaining Good sleep and physical savings, should be controlled before eating and drinking too much, but not drinking. 5, exercise or competition, should be prepared to relax activities, so as to restore muscle strength and power. The method is relaxation of the body parts of the jitter, beat, double co-operation with each other massage. 6. so when the body heat off coat, put on long-distance running immediately after the coat, to prevent the common cold. long-distance running shoes and socks should be worn when the soft and feet
bird9284262010-04-03 16:29:53 +0000 #3
wow. LS's too cow cross the

800 I was jogging when people look for faster band on the line

to be relatively big concerns for me, so every time Jiangcheng down

slowly on the increase a

(This trick works well on the big concerns of people oh)
wohaonibuhao12010-04-03 16:53:54 +0000 #4
o (∩ _ ∩) o. .. haha, I started this county the first 800 meters, you love believe it or not, I have 2 minutes 17 seconds 800 meters , do not believe you told me how much you QQ, I show you the certificate, in fact, the training of 800 meters is very simple, that is, exercise arm strength, time running back, throw off, arms swing big, run, do not use toe running, sprinting is running as should the whole soles of the feet, hands do not grip! the most important thing is that you have, the spirit of never giving up, in fact, who are tired of running, and those long-distance runner, is poor indomitable spirit, if you do not know what else to tell me that you QQ!



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