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Run 100 meters then

Likangxihao2010-04-03 22:11:29 +0000 #1
I sophomore, chose the sport, although well trained teachers that line, but I just 13.5s 800 米 100 meters only 2 points difference 30s feel strange, I height 1.85, weight 70kg, I 2010 11 on college entrance exam, I would like to be able to 100:12.00 premise in April @ 800:2 min 15s, I do not know all right!
bottle of blue Erguotou2010-04-03 22:19:00 +0000 #2
terms of your body just fine, ah 100 meters Now there may be starting frequency technology, it forces the question above. These can be improved through training and improved! You also need to use their brains to think, do, ah! !

Running, stride frequency and stride length to be considered. Legs swinging stride frequency refers to the frequency, step frequency theory is innate. That is not change! But the "frequency tolerance" is acquired can be trained to. Is looking forward to running 800 of stride frequency and stride frequency of 100 meters is the same! Of course, it is difficult. This can be tried under the low-high leg lift.

Stride, that is, the size of your step! This is that we can change it! Great strides point, something small step at any time of self-control. Generally are based on personal habits.

To be clear, the frequency up, and pace will certainly be more or less down. Stride over stride frequency of nature will force down. So, still have to find a sensible help you look oh. Must be a sensible Oh, you can see the kind of potential.

So, recommend appropriate to run uphill and downhill running an integrated practice, to improve stride frequency step.

Run needs of lower limb co-ordination, strength training is necessary when the unavoidable! Upper and lower limbs need to practice, of course, is indispensable core strength areas (waist and abdomen). Some specific exercises (high leg lift running, running after the kick, run slowly...) Is also necessary. Strengthen the lower extremity strength, multi-jump exercises absolute power over the relative strength are good. But it can not ignore the upper body strength ah! Because the arm is a key technology moves! .

Also, is my personal experience it! Whether to match fitness or psychological is very important! Do not give yourself too much pressure! Relax, relax, make muscle relaxation, I would have a better power! Warming is also necessary to do well before each run. Can not forget to relax after each run, so your muscles can have sufficient "memory."

If you have a mind to try Feng Pao, needed to blow off wild! Can also mountain climbing, running the beach, skipping! When all is played!

Practice varied pace over 800 meters on the 100 m

Keep up the good to very good time on the training on the Internet it hard work pays off
_4 this person is dead 4_2010-04-03 22:26:53 +0000 #3
. . . . I estimate Bank
Welcome to give me a question2010-04-03 23:25:49 +0000 #4
OK ah
jieniguis2010-04-03 23:05:16 +0000 #5
I am a middle and long distance, 800 meters running 2.30 you can go to the spring, when less than 2.20, but it must be hard winter training in the winter in all aspects of physical fitness the worst year, to open in the spring performance will be the culprit Mengjin, and you may rest assured that in March more than your results will be good! ! I recorded 49 seconds 400 meters electric rice, 1 min 67 800 56 I am a professional team! What do not understand ask me!



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