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When running back pain

0133661228922010-04-04 01:11:13 +0000 #1
my right-back pain when running. .. As long as the training point distance running better sprint start is right across the back pain .. in particular where there is something like pulling .. .. more they want to run fast as the more pain .. I have closed 3 months later .. and then sprint still has pain of ..
____ Kirin2010-04-04 01:18:38 +0000 #2
Acute lumbar muscle strain.

I'm the same situation.

Just injured when the training can support good, the longer, more difficult to recover,

went to the hospital look good.

Downstairs that paste cream. Completely wrong. The longer you posted, the more serious injury.
Conditions induced toxicity bell2010-04-04 01:17:34 +0000 #3
should be strained lower back muscles, you break no good 3 months, which formed the old injury is a strained muscle will hurt you, I suggest you can try Veg cream, Do not do strenuous exercise before, who are able to do simple physical activities, shilly-like waist. I wish you a speedy recovery!
Yongyuanxan2010-04-04 01:23:33 +0000 #4
recommend to the hospital to check, in the symptomatic treatment after diagnosis, low back pain is a syndrome, for many reasons, in addition to low back pain spine causes, some factors of non-spinal disease may also be associated with low back pain, such as internal organs, causing of low back pain. But the most common are functional low back pain, also known as postural low back pain, poor posture due to long-term damage caused by chronic accumulation of the most common is the strain of lumbar muscles.

Clinical wrestled away more than recommended therapy has been going down considered the most effective way, pay attention to wear flat shoes when walking down, Little Step walking, exercise does not feel tired waists in suitable, you can exercise a small amount of repeated, excessive amount of exercise will increase the low back pain, can change in pain Cishuo reduction, pain reduction gradually increased physical activity, to within our capabilities, attention to safety. down the process can take corrective lumbar (lumbar lordosis) unreasonable posture, reduce the pelvis forward and the lumbar lordosis while can exercise their muscles, so that the effective relief of chronic low back pain and treatment.

Fall away inconvenient, can do no physical simulation experiments, barefoot or wear flat shoes, step on ball of your foot around a 20 mm thick book, insisted upright, experience longer, and feel about, whether to alleviate pain.

If the pain can be reduced, taking into account security and not easy to insist, you can wear a pair of negative-heeled shoes, shoes are from high to low, and can force the body center of gravity backward, correct lumbar lordosis and pelvic forward posture, and back follow the same effect, also called physical training shoes, wear it normal to walk down the equivalent of taking, but more security, greater the amount of exercise, can reduce the recovery time, the effect the consolidation, the shoes look almost normal, replace the conventional drug therapy and massage therapy.

Usually pay attention to maintaining good posture, do not sit for too long time webmaster to maintain a fixed position, maintain a position once more than 20 minutes, the muscles begin to tense, no matter what position, for too long is not good, but Incorrect posture will aggravate back pain. Do not wear a belt with the shoes, the shoes of any band will increase with low back pain.

In daily life, poor posture, such as: Incorrect sit, stand, row and sleep position for a long time at his desk reading, writing and watching TV, Internet, long hours sitting in the office work, incorrect handling items, long drive, home life, work surface height is too low, and so are the trivial chores will add to back pain, we must pay attention to these. Do not over-tired, slept in soft beds. Swimming can also exercise back muscles, there is an unreasonable position for long-term rehabilitation of low back pain, and have time to exercise about.



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