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Short-term training in sprint speed Jiqiu! ! ! ! !

KIRA3132010-04-04 03:10:25 +0000 #1
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September 29 I want to attend classes 4x100 race I was three days of the 100-meter speed of 13.5 seconds just to thank you, please do not laugh at these two days that I want to ask me me about 13 seconds how to do

or I just was 13.5 seconds 100 meters on behalf of the third class to participate in 4x100 sticks like me how to speed within a short time? ? Ji Qiu! ! ! Thank you! !
sen3572010-04-04 03:25:29 +0000 #2
training associated with the development of explosive force of factors, such as speaking from the perspective of exercise physiology, mainly in red muscle, white muscle or muscles that speed, power supply to approach the development of explosive force and heart rate the impact of the training methods have equipment training, fitness training, training load, training group the number of other factors, in addition to the general strength training and explosive training relationships.

(1) What is explosive.

explosive is physically muscle to exercise is a very short time as soon as possible the speed of contraction are fast feature produced by the power of it to Yundong site with great acceleration, so the body cause any drastic speed change.

(2) to develop explosive power principle.

Human Movement explosive size, depending on the acceleration of body movement. Therefore, the development of explosive power, must follow the increase of muscle contraction force and the principle of a very short working time.

(3) the development of explosive force of the training load, training break training group (times) the relationship between the number.

a explosive energy supply relies on creatine phosphate, and its energy supply time is generally 8 seconds, so fast repetition per second, usually limited to 8 seconds to complete. rest 2 minutes later to repeat the training.

b great weight, less the number of laws. load 70% -80%, each group with the fastest speed to do 3-5 times, repeat the 5-8 group, focusing on explosive strength training.

small weight multi-frequency method. load 60% of each group to do the fastest speed 6-10 times, repeat 8 groups, focusing on the development of explosive speed.

small weight, multi-frequency method. load 30% -40%, the fastest rate in each group do 20 times, repeat 3-5 group, focusing on the development of explosive force in the speed, the speed of upper limb muscle development practitioners to achieve better results.

c Intensive Training focused on the development of explosive power in the main, the training focused on the development of small-load speed main. load up, group number was reduced, otherwise, load down, set the number to increase.

(4) Power training heart rate monitor

U.S. swimming coach Montgomery talked about "180 times per minute, heart rate training can increase the white muscle, 140-150 times during the development of red muscle, "as long as the white muscle to provide explosive power, then we, through training, make the heart rate of 180 times around the development of explosive force can be achieved better results.

(5) the relationship between the explosive and the general strength of the explosive force

the formation of the power plays a dominant role, the general strength of the foundation is explosive. Therefore, the power increase will help the development of explosive force. It should be particularly noted that the power does not mean that explosive. In other words, do not have the strength in fighting in will be able to defeat the other. has the power, it is also must have speed. Therefore, in the training, the development of general strength in the foundation, but also must have speed. Therefore, practitioners in training, the basis for the development of a general power , but also the need to strengthen the training of explosive force, the general power and special forces training, in order to achieve a multiplier effect.

2. Some simple effective training method

(1) air strike practice

positions stood actual practitioners, in unit time, assuming you are a fighting hand, opponents to send you to quickly send you punch, kick do attack moves, do in situ or moving air strike air strike exercises.

(2) squat jump boxing

practitioners open all squatting, hands placed on his chest, quickly squat jump, while boxing, over and over, can develop chest, ankles and waist so I turn boxing's explosive.

(3) vertical and horizontal support

practitioners tummy with the hands bent arm support, force support the body straight, the two pedals, the body before the abdomen, upper body lift, the two pedals to be vacated. the body floor full squatting, hands and support, the legs extension, the body into a flat stomach, Repeated practice can be developed legs, arms and waist of the explosive.

(4) weight-bearing squat jump

small barbell or weight-bearing sand vests, legs squat, jump force, repeated several times in rapid succession. can develop lumbar , explosive leg strength.

(5) dead lift exercises

practitioners rise, knees, straight back, upper body Qian Fu for rapid barbell dead lift moderate loads, repeated contact, practitioners can develop back, waist, legs, arm explosive.

(6) jump, push a small barbell exercises

practitioners grasp small barbell elbow in the chest, feet close together, then separated, while the former pushed the bar, bent arm recovery, legs close together, repeatedly, to explosive development arm.

(7) playing kick sand bags, hand targets, target practice

foot followers into fighting style, quick hitting sandbags, hand target, feet target to raise fists, feet and explosive.

(8) glue people fall, capture the face of glue to practice

practitioners who, for a limited time, apply their capture, wrestling techniques move quickly implemented to improve the catch rate and the development of fighting in the explosive body.

(9) squat kick exercises

practitioners with feet shoulder width opening, into the fighting style, squat, force jump, and do all sorts of skills to practice leg kicks, landing into a fighting style, repeated several times, alternating left and right leg exercise to develop legs explosive.

There is another, more my personal use, is the continuous rapid double jump (rope skipping). I jump every time a row under 70, and faster, very helpful to the development sprint. What is a double jump then? Rope skipping is common, based on people jump to the air force from the foot over the ropes twice quickly.
J guarding love q2010-04-04 03:36:04 +0000 #3
training explosive leg strength, short red assassination! Negative point of weight! A few days ago before the game resumed!



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