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I want to buy a climbing bike, to the point of view

xue19452010-04-04 15:10:56 +0000 #1
qq986847750, trouble to understand + I qq tell me what to buy, I was in Jinan. 1000.1500-priced, two hands will do. Little Big climb climb What is the difference Yeah. Trouble you a
quzhongzhi1232010-04-04 15:16:03 +0000 #2
Hello I'm Harbin riders. According to the present situation. Your 1000 = 1,500 yuan to buy a new car, if only to consider terms of entry-level low-configured.

If it is good, 2 Used to be able to get hold of Amoy moderate views of configuration, but Condition unacceptable.

If you buy a car I hope you will consider additional money to buy a good point under the car. This thing does not want anything else he needs the quality and strength. Entry-level car is not very durable. Parts quality is more general. You may play off time felt like for a good car. ,

Carts car difference. Mainly in the 26-inch 20-inch car

The difference is that body size. Flexibility. Feel so.

But you're looking for the best height. If you're a big man to play 180-20-inch car more or less a bit sad I think. Playing with power carts are larger.

Car playing easier.

Played carts to play like one foot trolley should fly. But playing in the car felt a little cart to play the fixed or how to play like.

Difference is that these

recommend a few forum

I wish you success. That so many want to thank also to the sub-+ I Q168826047
Akunyu2010-04-04 15:50:53 +0000 #3
I have only been exposed to more than two years to play

I think the general climb in a car tuition fees are the best buy a second hand

think good little climb Introduction

big jump big tall climbing is far from clear that


This site might be better asking your posts point




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