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1500m training methods

1511515955952010-04-04 15:11:03 +0000 #1
my first two boys, without professional training, performance is 5 minutes 16 seconds. I do not have the training, it can only run their own more and more, I am not a sports school students, not going into the sports school. I want a sports meeting in 1500 defending the temple, this session than the second place I only won 0.41 seconds.

I think that their effect is not obvious a blind practice, I would like to ask whether it is professional or semi-professional training methods to improve faster. I do not have professional equipment, so I hope we can teach some of his training methods

If you have additional points will effect
w82161062010-04-04 15:13:30 +0000 #2
Middle and Long Distance attention to the process in the running to be uniform. In general the best results are steady running but we do not look at the last hub. According to their level of training, the race start, we need to dash about, panic, red tens of meters to slow down. Then, to maintain their speed, it is best to follow the run, is to keep up a level similar to their own people. Attention to breathing, to call three steps, three steps smoking. Step three is to get ahead, kept breathing, run three single-step, has been breath. If shortness of breath, can not, on the second step into a call for a two-step absorption. Note: Do not Zhang's too much mouth, otherwise, into the air, my stomach aches. If it is 400 meters standard venue twice and a half, in the final 200 meters, to the exhaustion of body strength, forward, then you can big mouth breathing until the finish line. Must be able to achieve good results.

According to your ability, steady running tactics should be used: In addition to starting and final sprint after Getting run, the way is basically a higher rate of steady running. Middle and Long Distance breathing method process, the energy consumption of a large body of oxygen requirements are large, therefore, to master the correct method of breathing is very important. Middle and Long Distance on the way, in order to increase the pulmonary ventilation, breathing nose and mouth at the same time using methods of breathing. Rhythm of breathing and running rhythms should be matched by calls to the general two-step, two steps of a suction, or three steps and exhale for a three-step absorption. Note increase breathing when breathing deep. 7, the Limit "and" Second Breath "Middle and Long Distance, due to lag behind the supply of oxygen the body needs, go to a certain distance, there will be chest nausea, breathing rhythm is damaged, breathing difficulties, limb weakness and difficult to re- feeling run down. This phenomenon is called pole. " This is a normal phenomenon in the Middle and Long Distance. When the "pole" appears, with a strong will to continue to run down, while strengthening the breathing, adjusting pace. Thus, after some distance, the breathing becomes more uniform, action, feel comfortable again, all discomfort disappeared, and this is the so-called state of the second breath. Movement in the Middle and Long Distance, more because of insufficient preparation and prone to abdominal pain, mainly caused by gastrointestinal spasm, then students must not be tense, the site of pain can hold hands, slow running speed, do a few deep breaths that persist for some time, the pain will disappear.

Or by following the run play: After starting, always follow the leader or small group in the back, and strive to exceed competitors in the final sprint stage, took the lead through the finish.

Still running Action: It should be noted that running be sure to relax and coordination. This requires the establishment of the correct action based on the application of the foot with the ground the whole foot, knee cushion the transition to the forefoot stomp. Upright upper body relaxed, his arms swing naturally strong.

Also in a few suggestions:

First of all, before the game, "before three days from today to" eat less or eat sugary foods to eat before the game began three days of high pond food, game day, eat a meal Bacheng, better digestion, before the game 30 - 40 minutes to drink 200ML glucose concentration of 40% water. Also take 3 vitamin C. Do not eat chocolate.

2, do a good job preparatory activities before exercise. Track and Field is very easy to cause muscle, joint and ligament injuries, particularly lower limb injuries more opportunities. The only way to prevent the warm-up. Warming the more fully the less prone to injury. Can be jogging on the basis of the shoulder, elbow, Beiyao muscles, legs and other parts of the activities of knee and ankle joints, ligaments strengthen the muscle strength, enhance the body's sensitivity and coordination in order to prevent injuries, improve athletic performance can be . 4, before exercise or competition, students should pay attention to good sleep and energy savings, should be controlled before eating and drinking too much, but not alcohol.

5, sports or games, they should do a good job relaxing activities, so as to restore their physical strength and muscle power. The method is to relax the body parts of jitter, beat, double co-operation with each other massage. 6. Coat off when the body such as fever, long-distance running should be immediately put on after the coat, to prevent the common cold. Long-distance running shoes and socks should be worn soft and feet,

I wish you success!



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