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Female fitness test, running 800 meters in 4 minutes, hard?

Cuddle ice heating2010-04-04 18:12:03 +0000 #1
March of this year I have a fitness test, a requirement which finish in the 800 meters in 4 minutes, I would like to know the easy compliance it? Girls usually take long to run 800-meter time?

I am very poor physical nerves, and now running very slow, there may suddenly not stand it so far, so very worried, do not know the girls who have not had the training to run 800 meters in general how long. Within a week if I want to improve their running performance, there is not any good way?
cuicui9881222010-04-04 18:26:43 +0000 #2
If you are not all diseases will invade the family was a small girl, if your weight is not obese, 4 minutes should be no problem, pay close attention to see their practice before the exam, the 400-meter run only two words of the playground circle, you can practice one thousand meters a day, pay attention to in the morning, morning low air pressure helps to strengthen the heart and lung function, eye on the stopwatch running on the way, learn how to allocate their own strength, do note that the average pace running down to, do not unsteadiness of the authorized leave after the half-strength red! I can say it was only these, and I was a sprinter for the Middle and Long Distance also know a little, whether you adopt does not accept, I wish you success in the examination
3448071412010-04-04 18:40:06 +0000 #3
usually more exercise

every day to run a 800 , a slowly running

the adaptation, then increase speed

usually within a quarter of the girls are not too tight

and the physical impact of failing the test is not very big ah

filling it! !
Lin0188882010-04-04 18:51:58 +0000 #4
no training can easily run 4 minutes running time

as long as you stick with perseverance the general run of about 300 meters there will be a kind of living death in the sense that many people will give up or lose confidence, this time off you can hold the next 500 meters under the so easy to basically run down on no problem.
Lung small medium2010-04-04 19:36:31 +0000 #5
long class with a teacher training take time, everyone compliance. Believe in yourself!
Buyi Waterfront2010-04-04 18:38:36 +0000 #6
no tension, run 800 meters easily in Oh! I just ran across, about 3-4 minutes is enough.

You still have time to train about a month, not difficult!

Endurance important than speed. One night free jogging 2000-3000 meters, while running the development side of the free random imaginary targets, a section of a set, when unknowingly run faster, they can consciously slow down to all but subject, however, adhere to a continuous run End. Second, chin-up exercises every day, not to the number provided, to whatever subject, or / and do push-ups every day, is also the same criteria, you can begin to do the first station on the horizontal support wall, to achieve some of the forces, the change do the to push-ups, if there dumbbell exercises every day, but to make use of light, light to do more, do more housework, to efficient and neat. Third, try to eat pork, to eat beef and so on, beef and eggs, beef and onions, the staple food to eat coarse grain brown rice is often rough surfaces, such as cornmeal Wowotou, eat MSG and the like, not a partial eclipse. Middle and Long Distance is a need for speed and endurance of the integrated projects, Middle and Long Distance is one good or bad results from the inherent quality of the players, good size, and visceral functions is an athlete a performance basis. Second, the acquired specific training is a means to improve their sports performance. When a member of the elite athletes of the physical predominance of good, but when he's athletic performance to a certain stage 了 happen when there is stagnation, requiring sophisticated tools to improve their achievement. Thus efforts to improve athletic performance has become an urgent task, to train the way I Skill areas means and make a few observations: 1, development of general endurance 发展 Endurance yes increases athletes respiratory and cardiovascular systems feature improves aerobic metabolism of the main ways is to improve the affordability of the body, the development of speed endurance and the basis for high-intensity training, it should attach importance to the development of Middle and Long Distance Training general endurance training. Development of general methods mainly strength endurance and running speed is not stable prolonged running, heart rate control in the 150 or so, the project ran the distance as follows: 800-meter run 5 - 8 km, 1,500 meters, 3,000 meters 8 - 15 km, 5,000 m 10,000 m run 10 - 25 公里. Endurance training throughout the year to prepare the training of the large proportion of the arrangements, since a long time of continuous running more tedious, therefore, to use more cross-country run, run, select the complex terrain cross-country running, not only the development of general endurance, also help to improve the strength of supporting organs. Second, improve the traditional training method 1, to grasp the fundamental properties and characteristics of the project, and now the Long Distance race is no longer a contest of speed and endurance, athletes are in high-speed in the finish the course. So now is not the Endurance Long Distance. This requires us to put in speed and endurance training, closely integrated, adhere to high intensity training, the training team members the ability to maintain speed of the fundamental purpose for the training, and to support effective recovery tool to allow players to adhere to the system and good state of motion. This phase of training should be based on interval training and overload training for a large amount of exercise endurance and speed training. Using the projected results and the average speed for a variety of distance training. From short to long practice section, which accurately control the speed of each paragraph, each paragraph of the sense of speed training, the establishment stage of speed dynamic stereotype. For example, distance interval ranging practice methods. Such as: 200M +400 M +800 M +1000 M interval in three minutes, 28 seconds 200 meters is expected to result, 60 seconds 400 meters, 800 meters in 2 minutes and 20 seconds, 1000 meters in 3 minutes and 10 seconds. Recovery method using relaxed style run slowly, intermittently for the next 3 minutes Run. 2, Middle and Long Distance is physically demanding project to study the long distance race training methods, we must first grasp the middle and long distance supply characteristics, such as the 800-meter run for the original system is usually phosphorylated to 30%, accounting for 65 glycolytic system %, only 5% of the aerobic metabolism; and ran 3,000 meters, there oxidation to thank for 40%, 40% glycolysis, phosphoric acid, 20% of the original system, 5,000 m and 10,000 for the running, aerobic metabolism to 70% - 80%, training, project selection should be based on different energy systems and for the appropriate training methods. 3, emphasis into the state of training and tactical training, and sometimes unsatisfactory results of some athletes, this is actually very poor state of relations between technology, so the great cycle training should be strengthened, while a small period of training. How to cultivate good in a short time into the state is also a very important issue, to develop tactical situation should be formulated according to opponents of Section Running a reasonable time, the best way with the first group, but also good self-adjustment ability. This phase of training in addition to enhancing the speed endurance of stereotypes, but also with high load strength to make up for lack of a continuous load. Training programs arranged to proceed from reality, according to different training periods and every day to complete the training content to determine the athletes to complete the load and the load intensity, based on these characteristics of each person from person to person, due to entry, because sports level of the specific arrangements for each class of the load and load intensity.

Third, improve and enhance athletic skills, athletes running in the actual effect of economic performance have a significant impact on the campaign. Athletes now are two types, one is back step with greater force, before the swing thigh high big stride, but the frequency is relatively slow; the other is the frequency faster pace is relatively small, so small driving strength, hopping time, run up and more stable, easy effort, consistent with economic theory. Therefore, the more modern use of the second method. Previous training, more emphasis on kicking hard after, to increase stride rate while ignoring action, because over the back step and opposeth and exalteth, every step and a great energy. Moreover, the lower distance runner usually does not figure to improve stride frequency is no way out. Of course, stride frequency and stride length is not absolute opposites, according to the distance running different to different proportion of stride frequency and stride length. In addition, the move to relax the body when the action on the overall technology is also important, first of all, relax facial muscles, eyes looking at the bottom, so muscles can relax Shi Jin, Han Xiong slightly, the small arms range of light and powerful swing, swings the elbow generally the best angle of 90 degrees, so that coupled with good stride frequency will be light throughout the movement smooth, strong sense of rhythm. 4, adhere to the "speed-centered" principle Xunlian well known, Middle and Long Distance training of 任务 is to attain a Teding the distance Neijinkeneng run of Kuai, which under certain Xianding Fazhanzuida the speed, therefore, training methods and means Du To focus on this objective to consider the impact to keep the body's own physiological limits, so as to achieve the purpose of improving performance. For example, teaching in practice, the coaches let players use the speed to run, and keeping the length of high-speed distance, when the paragraphs in a significant decline when the current shall be the team to maintain top speed in the distance, in over this distance is the member of the "hazard" The objectives is to continually break there will be an improvement, while also forming a new barrier zone, to further improve the performance, we must once again break, a breakthrough in recycling , the cycle can continue to improve athletic performance. Continuous improvement of running speed and distance at high speed on the body will continue to extend the new requirements of various functions, when the athlete can no longer continue to raise the absolute speed of the time, it must always be established to improve and adjust the speed of athletes stereotypes, to keep athletes in the original maximum speed based on new training methods and means of control excavation disposal points of potential human capacity, improve the running of the technology, to maximize the completion of Run away, tempered only by thousands of athletes can maneuver freely in the race to control running speed to meet the needs of the game.
Film Village Sweet Cherry 5552010-04-04 19:15:07 +0000 #7
4 分钟 ah, you ah last few years, grade?

School should be no problem if primary Well, you have to refuel it!

I wish you success! ! !
Ein Bubble2010-04-04 18:48:01 +0000 #8
difficult. Level several times a day campaign, a 3 minutes to find almost 30 cm high step.

Do not stress.

Run time to keep up with everyone, do not fall too far. Most girls can be completed.
Ak2588522010-04-04 19:04:48 +0000 #9
very easy to do training,

as long as you run when there is persistence stick

3 are generally more than 40 seconds it
Depression writers2010-04-04 21:15:22 +0000 #10
4 floor to answer correctly.



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