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I 12.28 100 meters three days of school athletic meets, not practiced track and field, they got this

monk head of counter2010-04-06 01:10:08 +0000 #1
I 1.78CM do not know what the main items to be training
yhx392010-04-06 01:18:54 +0000 #2
I'm in track and field

16. Height 171CM

100 米 5.7S


50 米 more than a day to track your 跑跑. , Do some sit-ups, physical training like push-ups

Ha ha. I want to say more on this to help you


12.2S is not too slow. . Refueling
sunxuyaoshiwo2010-04-06 01:57:20 +0000 #3
Hello, I also track and field team at school, I 1.75M, but I was sprinting around powerful

100M 12 200M25-26 秒 run up and down

As for what you mainly depends on how big your gas, then see you there too fast sprint.

You try to run the first 200M, 26 seconds, you can concentrate on practice 200M, and 100M, if you have 11 seconds or so, you can choose to practice 100M, did not agree with your long distance running, the one running for your height Sprint, the second to 100M is not bad.

Do you honestly 1000M bad, I only spent 3.27 900, so do not choose the best long distance

Finally, talk to you more practice under the dash, usually pulled tendons, pulled the word horse can do, you run up will feel much lighter, I like this, around 27-28 when he started practicing 200M, widened tendon, the fastest of 25.23 seconds

choose 100M or 200M it is not so hard, really want to run a good sprint, Saturday to take a tire on back to school carrying a full cruising run, can greatly enhance the

I wish you good success running it

that your 200M it, right now

I am 12 years old 100 meters is 13.6 seconds
mecity Monopoly2010-04-06 01:32:13 +0000 #4
train 100 meters, then your in good condition, 200 800 stands a little short, and three days of 100 meters and 12 seconds more than two results is good, I just practiced more than 13 seconds when the high school four years, to 10 seconds more than 8 have never taken the mention Oh



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