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How to improve running speed in the short term? 200 m

Tseventeen2010-04-06 01:10:51 +0000 #1
first talk about my situation it ..

I am a female 200-meter run 41 seconds before .. there are about two months .. I would like to pass at least 36 seconds!

So would like to ask you GAO Ren.

I do not know every turn of a finish is no gas or no power, and anyway, just after the bend at full speed finish as Yan was completely straight .. ..

I could not get the speed to run 100 meters time I valet the students are almost the same in. But one run 200 meters on to die. .

First I want to know what can be done between two months to improve performance then.

The second addition to usual practice, the running 200 meters in a time when any attention to the place? For example, what skills can run faster? I heard 200 meters is the technical activities. .

Third exam measures what it is prepared to help you run faster?

One of my students who, like me, the level of practice we are all together, but the last time she was 39 seconds of the test. . I still stay in 41 seconds. This makes me very frustrated. . Very unwilling. So please everyone help it! Thank you! !

wch886005282010-04-06 01:20:36 +0000 #2
usually nothing more than shook foot movements in the run to do adequate preparation prior to the `full sprint with 90% of the force would be good if the curve full sprint back on on your own skill, and multi-swing arm speed the pace remained a peacetime training exercise `do some more push-ups, running every day for half an hour` `jogging speed line will naturally go up the`
l37621572010-04-06 01:17:00 +0000 #3
running can not practice one day out, every day morning run the process in the run did not reach the end in mind Do not stop to rest stop-no effect 跑跑 not that make the body more tired every day to maintain a good mood. Sprint usually genetically determined, not professional training hard to improve.



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