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Bicycle gear transmission is smaller than the larger the number

jennydrift2010-04-06 01:11:03 +0000 #1

lizheyezi213892010-04-06 01:22:39 +0000 #2
What do you mean digital ah! Stall number. Well not much relationship between the line! Is not the automatic transmission also does not matter! Two gears meshing with each other a big turning a small, if the big wheel is the driving wheel, it is the high position, speed fast, so if the ferry is the driving wheel so low position, speed slow! This is the basic principle of transmission! Automatic transmission is very complicated! No way to explain it to you! Variable speed device mainly by transmission ratio! Bluntly, that is, by changing the size of gears meshing with each other, to achieve the speed! Too deep, I do not say! Automatic transmission to manual transmission is not as gear! Basically there are four kinds of parts he! Planetary gear planetary ring gear frame in which the sun gear tooth ring gear, followed the sun round and then the planetary gears and planetary gear them and together constitute the planetary line, through the TCM <automatic transmission computer> and the transmission inside the brake and one-way clutch to change the driving wheel and idler wheel of the object in order to achieve speed torque rotation direction <reverse with "> To clarify, then I suggest you go to a bookstore to find a book to see!
Coupex2010-04-06 01:27:27 +0000 #3
larger the number the more laborious, but the smaller number of faster

more effort but it was stepped on quickly



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