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Improve the running 800M

Dictionary2010-04-06 23:12:00 +0000 #1
800M I am very scared of the thought of running through the night I'll have to run all-night sleep

and then run the old time is always the last one I could run the results are the best 4 minutes 02 seconds in one week can have significant point in any kind of way to improve a bit not so long popular
Pacific back to help2010-04-06 23:26:23 +0000 #2
ah - I think it would only Liangzi: Practice

This is proven through my own, I had just When junior high school found themselves in sports and pretty good, the fastest time was 3 minutes 17 seconds. Every day after school, I have friends in the playground counting laps. First run inner ring, and then run the outer ring, ring the number to increase little by little. This should slowly, over time, you will find it easy to run up a bit.

I think the more important point is that, when running at a pace and breathing. Find a suitable for your running rhythm of breathing, more relaxed. I am not a professional, so there may be some places that's not right, but it summed up my own. Come on! I intend to do this semester to continue this practice, but also lose weight. Haha. Refueling, do not be afraid, do not send fear. Sometimes a lot of things are grit your teeth, bite the bullet on. Therefore, several visits down, sometimes you will find the fun too!
Lovexyongyao2010-04-06 23:53:18 +0000 #3
I advise you to run about the hills or Wenling Fai House, to raise my leg strength, but also about endurance training the way! However, endurance training, when not to run too fast, to slow down, the slow pace of the course also look for it, find the rhythm, they naturally will not feel tired!



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