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The spirit of sports competition heavier material (there are examples of best)

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Olympic Games will be an olive branch and medals as athletes of the highest awards, so that we can see exciting sports events in addition to the skills contest It has soft touch of the spirit of renewing our background. That life is only dressed in green on the border-crossing, crossing racial, direct access to each and every person to pursue a healthy and peaceful heart. In the sports more and more into some of the "strongest" of the stage, we have to discuss this debate is whether the spirit and skills of what is more conducive to promoting the healthy development of sports undertakings and realize the value of sports.

Fyodor Dostoevsky said that, as long as there is a strong willpower, we naturally have the capability, clever and knowledge. The following are the skills contest the will of the fighting, the dual opportunity of bettering both body and soul, each one has achieved remarkable results in athletes and all are spiritually strong, while neglecting the spiritual development of skills in no way. When the Iraqi athlete twists and turns to get qualified for the Beijing Olympic Games, they cried, not because they have a superb level of impressive achievements, but simply because they came to this focus on participation, in order to carry forward the Olympic spirit comes to national sport the cause of the revival came! Time and again, we finish that leg of the competition Quezhe tears applause, once again, we have broken out of their homes to those who stood on the court warriors beating the drums, they do not have dazzling skills, but the real highlight of the sports meaning, in the hearts of all shed a drizzle.

Sports games has never been a noble threshold, as long as his pocket work hard and aggressive, and willing to work toward the heart of the person it will be treated equally. Class sporting events to encourage the students in earnest, sincere friendly exchanges between players, so why should rely heavily on the skills because of the strong and killed the most people and sports close? This close from the bottom of our hearts by nature to pursue beauty, strength has nothing to do with the outcome. This is why a large number of competitive level is not high but close to the general public, such as sports competitions will Trees Pear blossom overnight, why Beijing Olympic Committee will grant 90 of the players did not meet entry criteria to qualify. Too much concerned about the pros and cons of skills will inevitably lead highbrow sports situation, and only focus on the spirit in order to put this Gaoxiang the swallows get back their old homes.

"The Olympics are important is not the victory, but participation." Birth of the famous phrase in 1908 that we have guidelines for a century and will continue to guide down. Which reflects the spirit of the light was placed on technical skills to promote and regulate its development to illuminate a wider sky sports. Therefore, the spirit of sports competition should be more valued.



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