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Into the long jump team

High school students QQ2010-01-28 18:01:54 +0000 #1
very much like to know what the long jump athletes into the middle of the process of the national team! ! ! If the long jump very prominent, like a very promising young man from the countryside is full of blood due to a natural outbreak years with the force, long jump athlete with the highest level of provision of the proposed team. However, because of the problem, see I do not know the channels through which to show himself, then how should he do? Lost the opportunity to choose! This is perhaps the horse has not been found in horses horse black horse black horse a thousand miles! I think their talents can not be lost on display, for any one people, this is a tragedy! ! ! More is the country's loss! ! ! Where to find him in the end the chance? What kind of place should go to realize their ideals? ? ? Hope that gives way points to guide one of those underappreciated people in the right direction! ! ! ! ! !
Guanyin SL2010-01-28 18:16:40 +0000 #2
has natural talent than their feeling that there will be a child

Some people running or jumping particularly prominent, but not necessarily wait until the high school will be very good

In our sports school, long jump over 7 m 5 people who can not get into the national team

If you have a strength jump to nearly 8 m

then you go straight to Beijing IAAF tested and may be able to enter the national team
lgx33032010-01-28 18:14:33 +0000 #3
what age you jump 7 meters tall and 5 Where the number of people you run 100 meters flat rate and running speed of 50 meters flat, but the normal terms of the number of the national team should at least eight meters Chutou result I can give you the world record you are looking for qualified personnel is even worse now far away 8 meters 98 Tokyo Shi-Jin That race was the legendary Lewis Powell has been out of stunning leap. Young people self-confidence is necessary, but at least this number should reach close to Bar



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