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Shadow Ball Skills Form No. Xaar

Mountain 1352010-01-28 19:01:02 +0000 #1
specific points
Shun Lei days flash 52010-01-28 19:16:46 +0000 #2
a blow, 40 physical general

4 black-rays, 45 Shadow special

8 tremble, hit each other's fear of another after 100% (this is true , in fact, paralysis) to 12 puncture, 55

16 Magic General Physics Network (Wang, ha ha), 60 Shadow special 15% rate of -1 each other (this is also cattle)

20 destruction of combat, 80 physical general, 15% of the opponent's defensive -1 (severe enough, have the tail with a tail)

24 Mind Blast, the other special forces special anti--1

28 Black Lightning, 60 shadow special forces, and 5% paralytic effect of

34 Shadow barrier can completely withstand an attack (Khan, This is breaking the speed to play it)

38 black flame, 65 Shadow special, 10% burn (eat, then more than 60 idiots skills)

42 a night raid, 60 Shadow material to attack the power of two times the first shot (which is not the speed expect a)

45 Magic moving waves, 85 shadow special forces, 15% of each other's special anti--1

50 possessed by the soul of his own death. The next wizard special forces played a special anti-Canadian, said that its own energy when used to start the conversion of (Taomi too similar to our effort ... ... it can be thought out ... ...)

54 Shadow magic ball, 70 shadow special forces, self-HP is less than 1 / 2

57/58 instantaneous doubling the power of strong shadow edge, 115 Shadow physical attacks, 15% of the defense -1

63 nuclear special forces of darkness +2

70 Dark Portal 150 shadow special forces, 15% change in each other's speed grade -1
d5927514982010-01-28 19:29:41 +0000 #3
What is Shadow ball ah? Is the wave of ancient bar!



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