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Want to participate in athletic meets 3,000 meters, consult with experience in track and field

Mad God Ding2010-01-28 19:01:40 +0000 #1
My freshman year, natural physique is not strong, 1,000-meter run for nearly 4 minutes. Fourth, in May or so should have at athletic meets, I would like to challenge their own registration of 3,000 meters. Do not take title, there are ranking on the line, I want to know, but in my physique have drama? If you can, please write about masters are easy to operate solution. If not, is there any other improvements were easier to track the project.
history of the strongest Flower2010-01-28 19:06:15 +0000 #2
I'm the champion oh ---

In fact, the school is practicing out of physical fitness, so self-confident!

1 I was getting a crash course on less than a month's winner, and usually do not go killing - so must be self-confidence. Month is very long. I am more popular in the study up to go running, so the expense of what supper - after running in the running before the next meal on the body are bad. Running time should be greater than 3,000 meters, I prefer to run 4000 meters, so that what is good for. To each time as a race. The frequency of breathing must have our own personal recommendation 2 smoke a call. Some can run two steps. Stride pursuit of quick and large, not biased one. More than several times a day to practice. The time to run their own practice, do not and people together, will be distracted, they should not talk. This is my voice of experience Oh.

2 to practice and then practice, but ran a few days ago not to run too much, 3000 is enough, do not let the time run leg Hai Teng. This does not make a success of running. Multi-look at the starting sprint training, and tactics is very important -

3 Pro run in the first half an hour for one hour to eat a little something with more calories, such as chocolate, do not eat too full, water may be appropriate, do not drink too much. In the run before the drink a few mouthfuls, the province was too nervous. Ready to run before doing the exercise, looking for students to talk with are OK, that is, do not forget to check in ---- there is take a deep breath. Tell the truth, not to relieve tension, and tension was running the former does not irregular. However, once shot, and began to run, it will gradually calmed down.

4 to prepare campaigns, do not let leg cramps --- not to the time began to run out and fight for first, but not too far away from the first one to take chicle tactics quite useful. Do not get into the big teams, too many people from the outside lane all the beyond. Have its own rhythm and not to be someone with a disorder. Know when to run to save their strength and leave the final battle. But not too far away from the first. Can not be cranky, as one would like to run. Do not let your first aware of him from the place when he was close to light breathing and footsteps. In the final lap to take advantage of him not pay attention more than he. Also note that the back person. This is only my tactics used, the situation is not necessarily the same, to be adaptable. Sometimes, those who lead from the beginning is the final title. To some agility. This to be alive. 5 most of the last lap sprint start and a straight full sprint in the final. Han did not want to.

There are many things that can not be explained, rely on themselves to explore. This is all my experience of the
AlanZH2010-01-28 19:18:13 +0000 #3
1000-meter race four points in general the quality really ah. . . 3000 meters is a stamina problem as long as able to run down the slow-point is no problem do not look at someone else's roll so fierce a hurry you have buildup you're a speed run on the line under the whole approaching end up again.

You can first try he could not run down the first time do not count if this were not run down the bar, or a change in the project. .

You only said that 1,000-meter sprint 4 minutes do not know how you like to participate in a team game is also OK ah
King King 8882010-01-28 19:42:20 +0000 #4
3000 meters run law: 2000 meters jogging +800 m +200 m sprint speed.

Run 30 minutes before the glucose solution to drink.

Game to keep the first 56, ready to speed.

I wish you go first, I believe you!加油!



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