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well0002010-01-28 20:01:29 +0000 #1
gym, today I ran the 200 meters, 150 meters to go around, the hand began to get tired, do not shake up and pull, speed up slow, but the legs and there are a lot of effort, then the past few days, the Who can advice me to do exercise ah? be able to exercise the hand movements -!
zhybbnn2010-01-28 20:14:01 +0000 #2
you are a man woman? I pressed the men forget, ah, blame me, you did not say to.

Forearm Fitness - the key is more than the number of

In addition to the neck, forearm and the body most often exposed outside the site, for which there is a small part of today's bodybuilders have spent a lot of time to train the forearm. Really incomprehensible. In fact, almost every one have varying degrees of practice so that the forearm has been tempered. If your forearm below normal levels, you have to put specialized training as a basis to do forearm exercises. This means that, in the training sessions at the end of the forearm to do more than 2-3 group practice. To do these exercises, we should train the other muscles as hard as when and serious. Is generally believed that the forearm is not good to practice the location, must be more than the incremental repetitions Exercise. Many bodybuilders mistake in the forearm during each exercise, using the load are the same. Should continue to improve the load, in order to make the forearm is developed. In the forearm exercise methods, how to organize training courses rhythm is more important issue. Forearm exercises should be done slowly, with rhythm, should minimize the group on the time interval between groups. Practice times, to make the forearm in a "pump effect" of being, which allows blood into the forearm, and facilitate the blood flow in the forearm muscles. A group practice, the intermittent a few seconds, shake your arms, so that the muscles can relax, then proceed to the next group of exercises. Practice times, such as the concentration of the first arm can load the result is bound to cause the rapid growth of the forearm. I firmly believe that the thickening may be hip forearm than you expected. Forearm Wai is not easy to practice group, the need to use large load to give adequate incentives.

Arm bodybuilding - training out of a solid humerus 2, triceps

Currently, fitness is moving in the upper arm thick, huge direction. But to note the following two: First, is the triceps, biceps should coordinate the development, the second is the arm and legs and shoulders but also the coordination of development, otherwise, would be self-defeating. I am opposed to the body do not take into account a reasonable proportion of the blind development of the muscles. In fact, in the training program, the exercises include the leg, will make upper arm circumference increased by 15%. There are many young men just want to arm was trained as rough, and that as long as his arm can do staring at practice. In fact is not the same thing Officially. Because only when the body can release a lot of nerve impulses, the muscles can be developed together. Exercise in the body and the feet all the exercise, the most issued to promote the body's largest nerve impulses. So intense, regular exercise is essential in the leg. Of course, the legs and buttocks exercises do not have to practice the same day, you can use cross-training methods to arm, leg exercises together. Arms during practice times, pay attention to gradual pace of the training course, do not suddenly increase the weight exercises, which will lead to action to do non-standard practice. Action should be based on the felt need to make every effort, then a small increase in weight-bearing can be. However, the goal of the exercise is still a need to continue their efforts to achieve. To continuously make new attempt, sub-Chi in training who come from their own feedback. We should be determined to make their upper arm circumference thickening, but do not let nerves in excessive tension.

Well-developed triceps is the bodybuilding movement, one of the most amazing wonders. That of course depends on whether the triceps of the three heads are well developed. If it is not, then also it can not be perfect. Biceps triceps and important as opposed to the former is an overhanging any action against a certain resistance to both cantilevers will stimulate growth in this part of the muscles, so there are many ways of triceps exercises. While the latter is the role of hip flexor. Whether it is to use dumbbells or a barbell to do bench press or clean and jerk, to varying degrees will be developed to enable triceps together, circumference also increased rapidly. Triceps but further developed, so that your upper arm into the super-levels, but also made a special law to train the muscles exercises. In fact, the distance between any two elbow significantly larger than the distance between his hands triceps movement, can to some extent from the development of the lateral head of triceps. For example, in the trainer generally do triceps pushdown movements, such as when both sides of the arms close to the body, then the three triceps heads have been tempered. However, as far as possible to bring the elbows, so that the elbow outreach, so that is mainly practiced by the lateral head of the. I am sure that when this part of the muscles themselves most fully developed, the upper arm in order to appear more solid, more superior fitness. Although I firmly stated to the best of efforts to well-developed triceps, but I should warn you that there is no need to use a very large load continuous training triceps, because it would elbow injuries arising from intense pain. This pain is usually referred to as "tennis elbow", is caused by inflammation of the ligament. If you do triceps exercises when the elbow injuries should immediately stop practicing. This so restored, it could do the same exercises. Generally speaking, the most likely cause elbow pain, triceps exercises, is single-arm triceps extension and in the posture trainer do triceps exercises. Some of the most secure compound exercises, such as the narrow grip push and stays parallel bars. But also vary, I know a man who throughout the year with a very heavy weight of the triceps do all the exercises, has never been a sense of elbow Shiyao uncomfortable. While another one in the middleweight athlete, while the other person to do some complex triceps exercises, the elbow is a problem. Treatment methods are the same, that is to stop the practice.

In the bodybuilding community, the general practice that can be used specifically to the three heads of triceps exercises separately, making the chiseled triceps, the first three lines clear. The biceps can not achieve the same level. If your biceps longer rely on the comparison (from the elbow at the side to see, there is a large gap), you will have to do a lot of "preaching stool" bent arm exercises (bench face angle with the ground more small, the practice by the site more below). On the contrary, biceps grow cheaper, you need to do something I have listed them out so that thicker biceps exercises. In particular to do some minor biceps exercises, such as anti-grip chin-up and sitting bent pulleys pulling exercises. However, as I said earlier, we must completely change the shape of the biceps brachii is unrealistic.

How to make the arm strong

Human posterior segment the training status of the muscles, depending on the status of activities to decide. When you to the main activities of the wrist joints, the training mainly in the forearm muscles muscles; If the elbow-based, the training of the muscles of the upper arm; to shoulder the main, the training of the relevant muscles for the shoulder muscles. In other words, the proximal limb joints (near the trunk) muscle, is the primary role of joint muscle training as part of the main course.

While the hand holding a dumbbell, if the major activities of the wrist joints, rather than the contraction of the average distribution of wrist extension, outreach within the contraction, the contraction of elbow extension, shoulder extension contraction, outreach within the contraction, the horizontal outreach within the level of reduction, internal rotation external rotation, rotation and so on, be able to do effective training ground for the hand muscles.

Dumbbells the weight is limited, but relative to the hand, forearm, upper arm, shoulder muscles, the distal muscle strength training to mainly training the muscles into the side then it has been mainly muscular endurance, naturally appear in results may also be different.

You want the training arm of the muscle strength and muscle mass, the dumbbell weight only for the hand and forearm muscles of an effective, upper arm and shoulder muscle training, to be more emphasis on the weight of it easy to show the effect of strength training. Too light weight training for muscle endurance only.

Strength training must be systemic co-ordination of local training is not only ineffective, it is very easy to be degraded. If the poor capacity of trunk muscles, chest and back muscle strength is insufficient, want to show the muscles of the shoulder is not easy
Yan Su Yan2010-01-28 20:28:59 +0000 #3
teach you a simple approach, a hands pieces of bricks and the like things stand in situ, a front and rear legs, hands is like running as arm, reaches up your tired. When the time comes when you run without the weight of a special easy, definitely does not appear tired phenomenon.



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