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1,000 m run, I wanted to run a perfect score in the laps of time should be how the distribution

small bowl add soup2010-01-28 21:01:41 +0000 #1

sea prince ∩ _ ∩2010-01-28 21:07:36 +0000 #2
1, to do some warming-up, heat a warm-up, it is very important. You can also drink a number of glucose (which is a good strategy, even though I have not tried, but I believe you improve the performance of certain assistance).

2, not nervous, because the stress caused by heart will let you run up too quickly after the breathing rhythm disorder, affecting performance.

3, starting later, followed by large forces to run as much as possible before running in a little place, but do not lead, do not be left behind in order to save strength, would be very difficult to catch up later. Best to bring a gain on your companion with the slightly faster running, and do their best, he followed (once the school 1500 meter race, I and three other individuals in our class together to a certain formation run, the results of 70 games , we have entered the top ten, I ran the fifth).

4, run when the rhythm is very important not to fast while slow for a while. Control of breathing, so that breathing evenly. Steps step larger. As far as possible in the whole process has been running to keep running the same speed (I run 1500 meters is basically the time spent running 1,000 meters time 3/2 used, that is, in the running process, simply because, when the distance increases and the average speed of slow down), good rhythm will make you feel more relaxed when in the long-distance race.

5, to the last 100 meters, or tens of meters, you can sprint, this is not contradictory with the previous one, because this is the most crucial time. If there is no effort to sprint, then keep the original speed, adhere to the finish.

6, do not immediately stop and finish the rest, especially not immediately lie down or sit down. After the race, the human body from top to bottom have been activities in all parts of the body should be gradually relaxed, we recommend walking a few hundred meters after the finish, after the body completely relaxed, we'll do some of whatever the waist, abdomen, legs, arms activities.

7, In addition, the game wearing some light running shoe, best not to wear basketball shoes or Skateboard, not all of the sports shoes are suitable for participation in long-distance running, but best not to wear new shoes, the most appropriate to wear Over time, fit but not too worn out running shoes (long-distance running and sprinting is different from the first to use heels touch the ground, so do not wear spiked shoes).

If you have physical bad, it should adhere to exercise, adhere to a daily run to several kilometers, adding that adequate nutrition, to improve their cardiovascular system. One of my classmates every day training, 800 meters into a good result from the failure. Of test results, it can not afraid of hardship.
linhongyilin2010-01-28 21:30:50 +0000 #3
now run strategy
hope the mainland2010-01-28 21:20:11 +0000 #4
1000 meters run perfect score but also what is strategy? Seventy to eighty percent of the state to come up with a good soak on the line ah. What is with the run, ah, lead five minutes to run that if you ran and followed him?



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