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brian are2010-01-28 21:02:13 +0000 #1
I am a high school talent-sheng, 11.80s in the concrete floor is only 100 meters, the best results 11.70s, although the results from the gradual rise in 12.22s, but she was still not satisfied, and sports teacher said, My stride is too small, or else can be much faster. I just 1.70 meters tall, so tall people face more disadvantage, of course, I quickly stride frequency, but also the need to increase even faster pace can only be that the two are interdependent! Now just 17 years old, one year on the third year examinations, hopes that the professionals can give some advice for me to make the greatest efforts to improve, probably also increase how much? Thanks!
ay1012112010-01-28 21:17:59 +0000 #2
professionals, not really, I am in high school track and field hygiene, my 100 from 12.4 to 11.2 was stable at around 10.9

Best of all, I am 170cm tall like you, I also know the speed of this things to a certain limit like 0.1 seconds long had to pay more I think you should know.

This is in many aspects, the

power of Stride Frequency arm speed and movement speed and movement landing foot grip action starting speed and movement speed and movement and the medium-pressure line of action still breathing, etc.

In my view come to you, after all, only to cope with sports college entrance exam that year, the amount of my college entrance examination sports perfect score is 11.5 only

see you said that you are engaging in cadence, I guess you can also leg strength, pace a small state your bad leg ligaments,


1. every day before and after training, pulling ligaments, especially in Latin America is the physical activity after training full-time effects of fatigue or even better, pulling ligaments啦not tell you the fun, specifically what kind of pull themselves to take hold.

2. Check take a look at running their own actions might have suffered, arm the appropriate rate of increase may not lead to running deformed arm allows the pace of rate increases will also increase accordingly

3. foot fall when the third floor of the former soles of his feet and need Grilled with a foot (dig) to the action, which is run with the small step that moves the action similar to the human body should be forward in the past, not like a bomber Dongdong Dong Tang resistance in the past

4. pay close attention to training, this is the most practical, winter training is very important, winter training is the longest time performance.

Hope that my remarks can bring a little ahead I wish you good physical entrance perfect score

If there is anything I hope I can find any help I Hehe
Star Camouflage2010-01-28 21:32:31 +0000 #3
adhere to run 1600 meters per day, with the full run four 400 meters, daily insisted. You will have the lack of progress, the fight to stop dreaming about in a short time improving their performance.
speedhitty2010-01-28 22:11:28 +0000 #4
upstairs positive solution,

1, pulled ligaments stretching to pull your ligaments after running up a natural stride will increase;

2, the enhanced tread running exercises, that is, large-stride running;

3 and pay attention to correct running posture, running when the body can not forward, to straighten, so the pace will only widen.
lq0007892010-01-28 21:27:53 +0000 #5
In my many years of coaching experience, a year's time can improve performance. prerequisite is to increase the stride length or stride frequency in the development mode for even. Of course, height is not dominant cases, in order to At the same time increase the pace and improve stride frequency between the two there is a certain contradiction, how to solve? Method 1: Based on the original, multi-tread run and stride after practicing jumping, which is an effective way to improve step length, In addition you can walk over to the next lunge (commonly known as duck-step) method 2: If you feel that there are difficulties in a short time to improve stride length, then the only further step to develop your frequency, and this is also the diminutive athlete's advantage, then the to make good use of this advantage, it will also improve performance. such as in-situ fast, high-leg lift, after the tread on the wall, running, etc., can be.

results can be improved, but can not expect too much, the real point that this If you make good use of years, and the results can be achieved when the 11 seconds 2-11 seconds 5. good training, more advice to coaches and teammates more competition, there will be the harvest!
744,606,2012010-01-28 22:40:46 +0000 #6
practicing high leg lift.



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