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Toe can do sprint training? Within 2 months, how to correct the

Chan Ka Lok2010-01-28 22:01:10 +0000 #1
I have a toe, but my sprint training, the winter training after the end of games, and I'm anxious, I could run fast do and can do in a short time to correct? What methods can be, thank you ah.
Double pot, a bottle of Blue2010-01-28 22:08:31 +0000 #2
toe when the pull is not conducive to sprint, the post-tread.

However, this is already a habit for many years, and in a short time is very difficult rectified.


Multi-practice way to run, experience movement, and to allow students to observe the coaches movements and movements of your foot line, motion path, whether there are signs of toe. A gradual increase in speed! ! However, in start time, still need to pedal to accelerate the post-toeing Oh

But in the winter training before the race-focused phase of reform movements is a major taboo ah a sprint, after all, is not a purely technical categories of projects. Walking in peacetime in their own must have a sense of correcting their own action, otherwise, to no avail.

Learn how to use head movements to refuel refueling Bar Bar
ilovehk192010-01-28 22:37:10 +0000 #3
toe can be divided into mild, moderate and severe. Before the soles of the feet, the lateral edge of the angle between the longitudinal axis to form no more than 5 degrees, for mild, moderate 5 degrees above 10 degrees above is severe, causing internal and external Toeing reasons:

1, congenital genetic factors.

2, leg and ankle joints are not strong enough. In the sprint, this phenomenon was especially evident, and some students in order to run fast, after the tread on hard, his legs involuntarily turned inwards or outwards.

3, there is no running or walking to master the correct posture.

As long as there are various exercise consciously persist in the correct position to run away, they will be able to correct.

1, we must first strengthen the legs, arch and ankle strength exercises. For example: in-situ feet together raise pedal up exercises, in situ, or road running between the high leg lift exercises (in the range, speed, own hands).

2, to master the correct techniques to run movements, and under the guidance of teachers, and repeatedly practicing the correct technical movements to move to dynamic stereotype.

3, due to the effects of the living environment created, pay attention to the development of the corresponding muscles. For example, do some internal rotation, external rotation thigh exercises and hook instep to do by the internal rotation, external rotation ankle exercises.

4, due to habitual movement formed toe feet, in the usual daily life, there should be a conscious habit of correcting toe feet;

5, when jogging to increase arm, driven with the upper limbs, but to learn to Relax in the acceleration, can run fast,

Do not think that each training session were blasted to training, and engage in fatigue tactics, holding to "an effort harvest there is a" lofty ideals, hoping to rectify within a short time. Little do they know It's like every time blasted squeezed sponge, and in cases where restitution is not sponge, to continue to squeeze, it might self-defeating.



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