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How to 1,000 meters within four months of effective practice run (in the test requirements 3 minutes

sxmm4s2010-01-28 22:01:28 +0000 #1
help arrange a practice plan to bar the best he can tell me how to breathe right, I did pretty well able to endure hardship, but grounding now four and a half around

there is also like to take this opportunity to reduce fat right under the standing long jump also be helpful to some trouble to help me increase the amount of exercise a day can be sooner or later, half-hour
Double pot, a bottle of Blue2010-01-28 22:15:15 +0000 #2
from, and Replies netizens in the compiled some hope to help you go

Su Chengfa 1000 does not, unless changed psychological state, Chong Chong Chong! But in general will be the collapse of a half-way, or step by step

Well! Ran 35 times a week. Every time it to see the situation bar, a small point of doing the warm-up run, and then a little quick, the speed must ensure that the finish within two minutes of 400 meters. Of course also a step by step.

To improve cardiopulmonary function, in this season, jogging is a great benefit. Better to improve endurance during the winter season, the low temperature for the body to stimulate better able to improve the system capacity.

According to the specific circumstances of individual work and rest every day to ensure jog in 20 minutes, stick to the spring, your basic endurance will have a small leap. To the warmth of spring, when the temperature warmed up, more suitable for sports, this time can be added so that the appropriate amount of exercise and increase exercise intensity. Can also engage in some ball games, after all, simply run some boring.

However, running to keep warm in winter to prevent the cold, bearing in mind the breathing method, arrived on the tongue, palate, to avoid the cold air directly stimulate the respiratory tract. Also select a non-slip footwear freezing.

I suggest you standing long jump, first of all to relax state of mind. Body relaxed, hair force have a better effect.

Then, less hair strength to do every day experience of action experience.

Of course if you have hard-hearted, run run, practice very leg strength. Good.

Arm, arm strength, when in your hair, but also the coordination of Oh! Very helpful! Pedal-hop, fast waving arm.

Also, you know, long jump is not entirely to jump Oh, there must be a certain height

With the height, will have a longer fall time, can there be a longer time to move ah

this is also need to understand is the forward leg lift to the top of the jump abdomen to look for chest

Do not worry knee extensor floor you will find that they can jump very far

to start with the sand in the grass and thought oh, to understand the

before going to bed can also think of the right action and think about jumping very far far away there must be results

refueling bar will be able to
wait__ I2010-01-28 22:18:52 +0000 #3
every day after school practicing on the list



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