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800 meters running skills - needed -

haha59751512010-01-28 22:01:41 +0000 #1
My junior high school second-year ... ... In fact, the speed does not slow down but it is insisted that endurance No start has been leading ... ... someone super-passed slowly, and then began to give up the speed ... ... more and more slowly ... breathe ... No exaggeration point is that you'd rather die ... but as long as one can see part-time, or it can be washed in a short time .. how excel at endurance? Is the running time for me to suggest how to mind their own? ? Teach me ah - soon to be exam -

Thank you -
Double pot, a bottle of Blue2010-01-28 22:06:36 +0000 #2
... ... ... getting slower and slower rate of breathing more and more impossible ... exaggerated point is that you'd rather die ...

This is the pole, is that everyone must face! ! To overcome is to increase the arm center of gravity forward and increase the depth of breathing, of course, need to own ruthless psychological point! !

Now that the level can not be quickly increased, and that when the face of the pole according to the above methods to try it, will soon be able to see their effects, followed very closely after the pole - the second time breathing! ! Many of the easier

refueling bar of recent practice very quickly ran attention of other injuries to rest attention to nutrition, oh

refueling bar
Mimi jki2010-01-28 22:33:20 +0000 #3
more practice
00,775,5442010-01-28 22:43:16 +0000 #4
endurance is not enough can be said that a long run I suggest you physically tired, not enough lung capacity try suffocating, as you can hold back a long point of endurance exercise lung capacity, then there is still a day to run them about 500 meters, so that should be able to raise bar
Oolong Mans C2010-01-28 22:45:54 +0000 #5
a starting position in the middle of the last 200 meters and then slowly began to I was such a good speed up a try -



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