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Fujian Normal hygiene grades and high school sports specialty

cyx892112010-01-28 23:01:33 +0000 #1
I am a sports specialty health ... urgent! ! ! ! !
857,195,7792010-01-28 23:09:56 +0000 #2
1 In fact, It did not have sub-specialty arts sports science, vary, but I am at the university found that in high school who read liberal arts subjects in the body of the courtyard is more dominant first university courses are basically back Second, the relatively liberal arts college entrance examination scores out of science should be higher, this cadre of university school campaign has an advantage there is a good read in high school English, English for a body of Division of Health is very important to the university you will know the

2 is not, see your ability, you can also do business, sports, watched professional sports and physical education community, social and sports tend to develop coaching or business is little information about the cause of sport is basically a physical education teacher, physical education to 3 TU, of course, rely on Teacher, as by car to a driver's license, like the teacher wanted to do is to report teacher professional best to complete the four years of college homework, get graduation certificates and Teacher on the OK啦
4 In fact, High School training in the face not too much I started training for third year Sports such thing as a person reach their limits may be hard to improve the means of training for one year if you reasonably enough, to practice more than useless, in fact, Siamese bitter you want to be psychologically prepared for, If you have talent, success should be progress soon, if not do or do not find yourself loving it or goes ahead, give up, because Siamese tired, requires strong willpower, but the rewards are great, it is possible on the elite schools. As for the one-day exercise began practicing flexible start there are some warm-up activities to lay the normative foundation to refuel!



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