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Athletes, refueling! How to write an essay?

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I can not write, please know that people tell me, okay? Must be 400 words. Within 15 days to answer.
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victory olive branch

pre-dawn darkness of the starry sky

Prometheus, the torch will be lit sports Xiaguang

With a flame leapt up at the Olympia Movement Hill

giving rise to today's athletes who


spirited rally will be looking hard at the finish line

hard Bar Bar Bar

fight the victory of the goddess will present an olive branch wreath compiled.


Wind Song whisper to me: "Movement is light years like me!"

Rain to me whispered: "Movement is the most of me!"

Ray whispered to me: "Movement is sonorous and forceful like me ! "
electric whisper to me:" movement is bright and transparent like me! "
sports bar! In the movement to accept the baptism of wind and rain, thunder and lightning in the movement feel the flash

autumn sun shine on the earth the sun stainless steel, then save moving the crowd

in the high-spirited chants, songs and figure

then run into the autumn sunshine


young sun stainless quietly flowing

flows in that flows in that drum-ri-ri's footsteps running flows in that the sound of gun-ri

Life infiltration in the sun

the sun

sports life stainless steel in the sun to show style

life-song of victory in the sun in glory

the movement prelude has been opened

Let us use movement to fire ignited the passion of life

life of the sun never addressed the General Assembly, stainless steel

morning breeze gently wake-up sun

the campus playground came the sound of gun

banners and chants danced together and starting point for the


tightly linked to spreading ballast with the youth and blood of white runway

with passion lit the dawn of victory

Athlete Song

I know that the past will come.

You just threw himself ready.

Dream run in front of us move forward,

life, no one should be targets.

Who is in the wind, the wind in the combustion.

Who is in the rain, the rain dance.

Dream in front, just at the present.

Let the world know us!

You have the melody on the track Tingna intense running footsteps,

shook the earth.

You Tingna cheering the cheer,


Track on the melody,

such as the rapid whirlwind,

such as the horn-like boosting,

such as the whitewater as continuously flowing.

Innovation! Breakthrough! Beyond!

Will always be the most exciting track on the melody. Games

To fall Qishuang flags float,

athletes boast Kennedy.

1000 Call 10000 shouted Qi refueling,

the court under all proud of the market.

Today, a good training out of the body,

Chi-li the credit for the four modernizations.

Dezhitimei Qi development,

of the motherland tomorrow a better place.

Applause breaks out

It should be passion,

It should be shouting,

Here, too, need to applause.

When you follow up a victory and go,

we applaud you for your congratulations,

when you fail come

We also applaud for you, proud of you.

When the applause once again reminded of the time,

you have stood on the starting line,

friend, forward Chong!

We applaud for you.


sun sunny golden light washing the runway,

youth became the melody of the song spectrum,

passionate heart is the song notes,

flowers bloom, young fiery heart,

always sincere Unchanging Love,

your shadow is the scenery on the runway,

robust steps towards your self-confidence,

listen, we all cheer for you,

"Come on" and can not express our excitement.

Fly! Victory to smile at you.

Youth melody commentary

different kind of style, high morale, the face came the Information Engineering College Athlete teams. They are to tidy up in order to soldiers style demonstrated confidence in the triumph of Information Engineering School, who has been tirelessly working with, because they believe that there will always return to pay, there is no best, only better, "higher, faster and farther, "is their goal," Friendship first, competition second "is their theme," courage "is the true warriors of Information Engineering School of the true nature!


is now a steady pace, loud slogans toward us is the communication engineering branch of the national team, the representative team of 105 members. Communications Branch has a crack team of teachers and training of groups of well-grounded, extensive knowledge, ability, and an integrated high-quality compound talents. The Communications Branch sent 20 athletes will participate in the project match. They will be the men's team at athletic meets in the last third, the fourth women's team results, based on the current athletic meets on the tenacious struggle, race out of level, race out of style, achieve better results. "The world's great communications bring us married.


is now being slowly approaching the podium was representative of the Faculty of Computer Science and software teams. They are full of energy, Qiyuxuanang, strode uniform, sonorous and forceful pace , holding a "going e Century" eye-catching signs, everywhere is their vigor and faith in the invincibility. Games, School of Computer Science and software, the athletes the spirit of "Friendship first, competition second, the National Fitness enhance the physical, "the purpose of promoting" unity, hard work "spirit, to the" faster, higher, stronger "of the goal. enable us to remain a look, keep a look forward to work together and wish them the Games achieved excellent results!


The next admission is to manage the branch team, management, branch phalanx prominent is the combination of athletic and beauty, in the current games, they must use their wisdom and sweat , in the competitive stage show perseverance and strong spirit and youthful enthusiasm. Management Branch of the eye-catching logo is the beautiful lines of the one being run out of people, distort the M-type is the English word "management" of the first to write letters. now they tidy pace, robust physique and good looks to prove their courage and strength to win. wish they could show of friendship for a better life college students left the youth can not erase the memory and embellishment of life journey Shaoguang Love!

With the opening of athletic meets announcer gave an order, a House delegation square tread "athletes march," the beat, majestic and beautiful we move into the stadium, an instant like a stone raised 1000 layer waves, stand on the "sea" and hailed a wave after wave, look, new mission came, and a trim of the uniform, strong and vigorous of the goose, TU, a month's military life, they are not white too, in his We found the body vitality, signs of hope. We Rou-Sei Rim generation, do not show weakness, there is a new pattern, I believe this will give us a good beginning of a good result, we will wait and see!

Automation Branch of sports commentary

participating in this automatic branch of the Games team of 11 female athletes and 28 male athletes. Among them, both as Luo Xianlin, Tong Haiming the same previous school athletic champion, but also there are many from the campus of the formidable Xiasha epigenetic . You see, they are factors Yingzisashuang walking from the podium on the left Jianbu! Like most other teams, they are athletic meets on the Forces Nouvelles and the backbone of the current school athletic meets, they will be adhering to the "Friendship first, competition second," the fine tradition to carry forward the "no best, only better" stadium-style. We believe that dynamic is not the last they will surely achieve better results.

Fall Sports Broadcast manuscript (1)

human-induced long-distance runners at that moment to show the strength, struggle into life at that moment the starting point of everything at that moment into a useless, only know that victory is not far away.

raised his head is often in front of , the finish line had been faintly visible. countless days and nights of hard work, will be paid out.

sprinkling a hard sweat and continue lifting tired feet, a roar Spirit in the outbreak and continue to move forward, regardless of success or failure , you have once owned. Does anyone remember cheering at the end, shocked four weeks.

a bamboo-induced high jumper to decide your fate.

was a tragedy, all in a flash.

you are in robust body , like a shooting star across the silence of the dawn.

soft bedding, which incorporates all of your happiness.

all of the wonderful you jump in the moment, I will never forget.

arc - To Shot Put Athletes

a beautiful arc across the eyes, I can not help but imagination.

this wonderful arc ah, condensed the number of sweat.

regardless of the arc ah, clothing and held out the number of eager expectation, it is this like nature, is so perfect, no regrets, leaving only an aesthetic experience.

I want you to stay forever, let my heart be printed on an arc.

come a long way,

Your youthful footsteps,

win their sonorous notes.

successful integration into a smile,

failure is also happy.

1 both look forward to the eyes,

each person has a foot of the road to success. cheers

for the fighting in the black and white on the runway, leaving your splendid presence.

In the shot of that moment, like meteors, Si Shandian,

such as the galloping horse, such as the dragon vacated, such as the tiger out of its hole,

do not care about ranking high or low, do not care about the high performance next.

efforts, the tenacious struggle,

even backward, but also tenacious, and never retreat!

quiet the voices of losers, I retreated to one side,

away from all the applause and attention,

away from the Winner the glory and magnificence.

If life is a competition,

I participated, but also to enjoy the taste.

Well, let me also raised his head,

get rid of the hearts of depression,

I will explore with you the next Games contest!

heaven and earth What is the strength of the integration of

100 meters on the fly so that you?

What is the strength,

let you use the power of hope lit the playground?

the playground on the green,

heaven and earth to give you the strength,

make you carefree sway dreams and hopes.


regardless of sentiment a bit gloomy clouds, he gave the earth is a kind of emotion;

no matter how many thorns dense, it is a landscape to the eye;

regardless of How much life the quagmire it to life is a test!

a bamboo shoot, if the scratch to the full vicissitudes of life, may be able to become a song of victory;

a grass, if they can withstand frost tests, may be able to grow into a oasis.

My friends, do not insist on not giving up, you are the winner of this fight!

sunny day

athletic field,

with athletes who courageously fighting the figure;


ringing cheerleaders shaking flag cheering cries.

This cry, filled with the fragrance of friendship;

this figure, embodies the power of responsibility.

But whatever success or failure,

either laughter or tears,

we will always remember that day

which is full of struggle .


do not pray to the sun's rays,

as the moon is not willing to chaperone.

at the foot of the road to their break,

not afraid of getting lost in the dark;

Even if life is so short,

have no regrets No regrets,

Tao-liang was the night sky on the line, is the most powerful challenge to the fate!

caused by long-distance runners

hone the extraordinary perseverance,

contest is the extraordinary physical,

hard work is outstanding endurance,

the long - long runway to run into a long journey.

listen to the wind whistling cheer for you;

see, fluttering banners for your fuel!

refuel it, for those glorious moment!


is proud of you for you, cheers


exercise-induced 100-meter field athletes have their own pace,

it is very hard sweat of the expression,

you like a cloud the horizon,

has a brilliant color Caixia.

Mercedes-Benz horse,

dash the pace of the victory in front of you waiting for.

for your blessings,

cheer for you!

One day caused by athletes,

wake up in the dream next to;

fingers, the light that there are special;

I can see, see the light changing,

into a colorful parable of flying dream start.

One day, flying between the runway;

cheeks, the sweat and keep out;

I can feel, feel you are changing,

change into a life of strong, headed for the brink of success!

Although the gloomy days,

Although some faint chill.
, however, everyone heads held forward, everyone spirits

each person have rushed toward the end toward victory!

athletes, you are our pride,

we are cheering for you, for your fuel!

proud of you

you are on a physical throne dazzling pearl,

you are In the blue sky in the wings of the Kitty Hawk flight.

Do not fear failure,

Do not be afraid cold,

at any time,

we are proud of you.

800 meters caused player

This is the time of tempering, it is perseverance test.

Although the prospects are, but as long as efforts to reach the success of the other side will always win.

athletes, not because the prospects are rather frustrated,

Do not give up because of the unsatisfactory results of their own.

the vast, victory always belongs to you .

popular in the world

you have not forgotten,

the shining youth is flying high,

you have not forgotten,

Chixiang victory in the direction of the posture,

gallop like the wind,

the same vertical and horizontal wind,

to refrain from giving give up,

because we have sworn to youthful

- popular in the world!


You are the athlete on the runway across a meteor,

burn themselves shed glory,

maybe you do not like you to see the wave,

But you have been fighting hard,

believe in yourself

strength in mind.

wind and rain in the free and easy for your passion,

the sun to release you wish for,

not your past in the past,

only to grasp now,

Without You Tomorrow tomorrow,

only the immediate way.

passing away gone,

to understand that today's is the real you,

use your real, your all,

sway out of the hearts of hope.

(first 31 Class SUN Xiao)

To 1,500 m

a episodes athletes sweat, floating on the pitch,

accompanied by vigorous pace, play a tune of hope and goodwill.

a variety of beliefs, on the blue sky,

along with you that deep vision, to draw a beautiful arc.

life can have several return stroke?

thousands of eyes watching you on the,

in order to hope that, in order to win, ran out of youthful dreams.

(foreign language class who started wearing Yue)

round of hope

- caused by heavy shot put shot putter

is entrusted with your hopes,

struggling to throw a moment,

a flashingArc scratched the beautiful sky,

want to go, and then move forward!

Looking at the distance you have won the red finish line,

it is the road paved with sweat,

tears mountainous pile of mountains,

peacetime efforts and hard work, for this moment

not to,

therefore, you should use every body strength,

dashed red line that fateful,

you have won,

ear rains of the students in cheers and praise.

(Third-year three-shift Wang Lijun)


What is glorious?

In the life of the most helpless, the burst out of the most powerful force.

What is glorious?

Bear a major force in the body, there is still forward.

What is glorious?

Spend all their strength, create a new record.

What is glorious?

Struggle is the glory of effort is brilliant.

What is glorious?

Athletes is brilliant!


Because they worked hard and fought and paid off!

(Who started nine Wang 1)

To all the referees you have teachers

Although there is no immediate dazzling flowers,

although the ear is not for you, applause applause,

but you have no regrets,

for teachers and students happy and quiet dedication,

all the referees teachers,

to bid you soon as, it is tough! Thanks!

Autumn is cool and fruitful,

Experimental High School also entered a sports, our school's sports career year, stronger than a year, we have two days of Eight thanked the school for us to create in this exercise, review results, hard work and progressive opportunities, we are willing to grow along with the experimental schools. We believe that, a hard, a harvest, usually in the sweat of athletes training will not be in vain, I wish this could have more athletes in sports to break the school athletic meets records, in a regional tournament a record of results, Cypriot high standard.


no regrets

- To Chen

gently raised his head,

do not need any words,

so confident in the face of waves,

Do not defeat the distressed,

just told myself

I have worked hard and I have no regrets


life is a dream

full of fantasy and desire,

life is a river,


life, like cars,

riding on the golden dreams of the ideal to reach the other side.

life is such,

like race,

there is faith to be successful.

to the last minute - induced Xue Peng

to the last minute,

you I do not know how much sweat shed,

to the last moment,

you do not know how much to sacrifice their spare time,

to the last moment,

you have abandoned his enthusiasm for ping-pong,

the sake of our common look forward to the last moment,

you have to pay numerous efforts,

You are our pride and pride.


you have always heard the wind and rain do?

sunshine after the rain always,

please believe that rainbow.


you did not achieve the desired in the performance;


you are a silent cry at the moment.

The eyes lift bar

you will see,


is in your eyes full of hope and encouragement!


You are the athlete on the runway across a meteor,

burn themselves, shed glory,

maybe you do not see success, as you wave,

but you have been fighting hard,

believe in yourself

strength in mind.

wind and rain in the free and easy for your passion, to release you under the sun

The hopes of,

not your past in the past,

only to grasp now, tomorrow, tomorrow

without you,

only the immediate way.

the dead gone,

need to understand that today's is the real you,

use your true, you all,

sway out of the hearts of hope.

(first 31 classes SUN Xiao)

To 1,500 m

a episodes athletes sweat, floating on the pitch,

accompanied by vigorous pace, play a tune of hope movement.

a variety of beliefs, on the blue sky,

along with your vision of that deep, draw a beautiful arc.

life can have several return stroke?

thousands of eyes watching you on the,

in order to hope, In order to win, ran out of youthful dreams.

(foreign language class who started wearing Yue)

round of hope

- caused by heavy shot put shot putter

is entrusted with your hopes,

struggling to throw a moment,

a beautiful shiny arc pierced the sky,

want to go, and then move forward!

Looking at the distance you have won the red finish line,

it is the road paved with sweat,

tears stacked in a mountain ,

peacetime efforts and hard work, for this moment

not to,

so you have exhausted body strength,

dashed red line that fateful,

you have won,

ear rains in the cheers of students and Sports Broadcasting manuscript praise

one of your sweat on the runway, a successful watering the flowers open. Your laughter flying in the arena, winning glory for the number of classes you are the best. Run, catch bar in this vast arena, You like horses like arrows from Hyun. Run, chase bar you are stronger than the tiger leopard

2 than waving your arms and looked at full power solid ball into a beautiful arc, I really admire you that you throw in my heart its own optimal level of

3 a small stick, the connection is a small stick of solidarity and fraternity, passing the courage and strength to a small wooden, interpretation of the struggle and hard work fuel bar! let this exciting time, has been echoing in our hearts!

4 foot runway, is a choice. to leave the starting point is a kind of courage. gallop track, is a triumph. athletes who use your strength, use your spirit to open up, a part of your long-distance running heaven and earth!

5. warm sunlight sprinkled on the track on the Group B men's javelin competition about to begin. arena, a graceful arc Road will be light to across the sky. javelin athletes who use their authority to the distance from one another to launch a challenge. javelin in the air and light of the posture, is the strength of athletes are strong and skilled combination of skills. who in this fierce win the competition? Let us wait and see, let them cry, cheer bar! Only those who combine the strength and skill to win the crown!

6. How many times toil, the pain had fill up memory just because we have always believed that, to fight in order to win. always encouraged by themselves, have to strive to be successful. blood boiling at the stadium, a giant on the court rises. believe in yourself and you will win a miracle; believe in yourself and in your dreams hands, this is your heaven and earth. After all the past, you will be the first. believe in yourself and you will go beyond the limit, beyond their own! believe in yourself and fuel it, athletes who believe in yourself.

7. the young we are confident of flying , youth of the atmosphere as the sun was born, vibrant as the sun sway power. At this moment, the runway is our wonderful stage, sound of fuel is our highest award! on what success, begin to talk about honor, faith in the hearts of There is only one: fight! 8 bleak autumn, can not stop you Pozhu edge,

8. broad pitch is a stage built for you. publicizes it, young at heart, we will always cheer you! Tagore In the poem that the shadow of the sky without wings, but I have flown; Ai Qing right friends, maybe some people can not reach the other side, but we co-own the sea. Maybe you do not have distinguished achievement, but the sports ground has left your footprints . Maybe you do not have prizes, but we left the hearts of your hard figure. All efforts are to meet this moment, all the hard work is for this gives the order.

9. As preparations for the spring flowers, autumn and winter is to flush the entire summer. like snowflakes through the spring, summer, autumn and winter is to white as a whole. squatted down with head held high, starting softly ... ... a lift knee, it affects the audience's attention chic force waved, he met it in a silent wait. the sun, you Ta Ge away, carrying hope, we are waiting for your return.

10. Perhaps the meteor is not uncommon, but it is burning moment, stay to the earth's most beautiful memories! may smile is not uncommon, but the joy of victory, there will always be left to the world's wonderful blink of an eye! yes, those wonderful things that have only a short moment, but the most glorious moment of Queba left to the human. victory for every person in pursuit of the joy of victory is a victory and a turning point to re-start, victory is a new beginning!

11. is not long distance from the past and we need is a wholehearted full input Throughout this time you all to go on the full, you are in the most glorious moment, regardless of the confidence of victory in the first few persist as long as the run down, you are the hero

12. time goes by, the track in the extension of a successful show in front of you heart beat, blood is boiling, brilliant cast of your foot refuel it, the athletes, this is the will of the fighting. This is the speed challenge. victory beckoning to you / you call to the victory to 13. not for flowers around the , not for the moment of glory, only the persistent belief, into a non-stop running, heart burning dream, at the foot of non-stop pace, you use the process of recounting the importance of action, there is no endless end, there is no can not climb the dangerous mountain peak, hope you are smiling to the end carrying, hard bar! experience is a brilliant, burst forth all your energy, success is a reflection of your sweat.

14. While you on the floor a very short time, but you still stay in the shadows people's minds, because you are the venue of the most lovable people, not for the applause of the comment, not for the deliberate subjugation, not for the pain of failure, only the sweat into a successful footsteps of

15. hearts with conviction, at the foot of steady pace, you use the action tells us that a change of reason and did not take endless road, there is no mountain, never succeeded in being the high end directed at your beckoning, with that indomitable will to your efforts, to flowers and applause greeted the finish line, I believe that success must be yours,

16. firm, persistence, endurance and hope, in the extension of the runway in the little white rally! strength, faith, hard work and struggle, in the distant finish line, gradually brighter ! times stronger voice your feet are stepping ring.

17. Inspired by the breath of spring, strode the footsteps of light, we greet the long-admired the games. Here is the stage of self-display. We do not aspire to high mountain perseverance Stubbs, we are keen sea profound, there is, we are more addicted to the speed of your passion. Come on, enjoy the release of your vitality. Your every sprint, all call-in and moving to our hearts; you every leap, are attracts our attention; you every take-off, have tightened our nerves. We cry for you, we are proud of you, we are crazy about you.

18. youthful footsteps, youthful speed and vigor of youth, youth passion will be reflected in your body enjoy. to meet the self-challenge themselves, overcome self! We are sure that they can do it, fueling it, athletes! finish line is in front!



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