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How much standing long jump jump only

ssfghhfgj2010-04-11 08:10:24 +0000 #1
This semester, my first 3, male. To face rise in the examination of the physical examination, standing long jump, but I find that I not work .. I feel in the legs when jumping no access to power ... can only jump in female piece online - - and how to solve it, who can not copy the details with me about - - not 忽悠 I like the
mehhpx2010-04-11 08:21:50 +0000 #2
Hello, do you a lot of this issue students there, my students I was teaching so I hope useful to you:

a standing long jump is not just the legs hard problems. He needs to back up the abdomen and the driving force of arms complete with jumps.

2, the process of jumping from the off, tuck the legs, extend the leg to connect to the completion of the three movements.

You say you do not have access leg strength, leg strength is not enough in fact more than you, and estimated strength of your waist and abdomen is not enough, and the arm strength is not used. How to practice it?

1, from the simple squat jump start. Open legs, and shoulder width. Then combined with the arm swing and pushing the body upward jump up. After the closing leg tuck jump, repeat the exercise.

2, the most ancient way - leapfrog. But not squat leapfrog, but squat leapfrog. Note to continuous jump in the middle do not stop. Jump to grasp the distance between yourself and not anxious. Usually 20 - 30 meters. 3, the most stupid way, but the most practical way - jump the stairs. At first you will feel fear, but as long as the jump you'll find after a return is not difficult. The best time to jump wearing a shin, carefully scratch the leg. 4, after school breaks toe pad can be used to enhance the simple act of toughness and strength of the ankle joint.

I'll let you introduce the four methods, as long as you adhere to certain training, I am sure your results will certainly go up. Under the jump you said the following basic methods:

1, ready to pose on your feet shoulder width or slightly wider. General pre-swing arm twice after the jump, under the third. Is the so-called "Yi Bai, two squatting, three off." Note that the first priority under the arm when the arm upward. After the second placed under, under, on the third take-off pendulum to complete the jump on the lead body.

2, the eyes look to the future, take-off pendulum moment arm strength up to the maximum. Jump to drive the body forward, while actively abdomen, the legs. Floor moment boldly to his feet reach, while leaning forward. Note that you must not put the body center of gravity, the so easy after the support arm.

I suggest you master the specific technical action, the combination of training methods I give you a test together. Of course, no one can sport opportunism, all we need to hard training. Keep up the good, I wish you get good results, I hope my method useful to you.
GF123422010-04-11 08:36:30 +0000 #3
no way --- far worse - and no way to quickly improve your ability to leap --- this requires long-term exercise - this is the result you did not previously exercise bar



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