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Physical testing should be noted that

Hip-Hop mountebank2010-01-29 01:01:23 +0000 #1
Tomorrow we have to test sports, including 800-meter run, it is extremely time-consuming, but I have no enthusiasm for the movement ah, is there any type of food are similar to the excitement of the role? Useful glucose drink yet? How long in advance to drink nutritional supplements can play a role in ah? I came to menstruation, and drink this all right?

There are, I heard that eating chocolate can raise the spirit of useful?

800-meter run, what skills?
Cool When the basketball xdz2010-01-29 01:04:44 +0000 #2
First, I introduce myself, I was in Tianjin Institute of Physical Education, and sophomore, and I used to test this sport is like you now, my personal experience, is that you are not to drink anything going to drink, my mentor said, because you then are in a state of tension, you drink any kind of stimulating drinks and things, not only failed to promote the upgrading of your excitability, it will inhibit your body a certain kinds of hormone secretion, what hormones I forget Oh, but this hormone is in your time of tension and excitement generated is conducive to your success, running 800 meters of the most important thing is the mentality, I know that everyone tense, in particular the exam and the exam the night before and the students talking about, in fact, this is normal, I had run two minutes and three seconds, that is, because he was nervous, because I have always been a good 800, the most important is to campaign to their own bodies, the pressure pressing the thigh, but be careful not to too much force, or will cause injury. Do not be afraid to run their own activities, when not so much effort, the activities of those who fear the time will be a lot of adverse circumstances, that is, strain, or run not open, and then ran the next two felt chest tightness, 10 million campaign to remember , there is their own mentality, you should take the pass I could kill anyone's mind, before the test Do not stay with other people talk, their own activity, pay attention to self warm, before the last pass and then to undress, referee will wait for you, and then was robbed Road, you have followed closely the first one, my personal skills are running when I was a four-step absorption, you can make adjustments according to their own body slightly forward, so that when you run will not be tired, bend when the pace of a small point, straight to your feet when release of the red when the grit one's teeth on high, you will appear extreme, you have to persevere, and have a pole you are relaxed. Remember that the body forward, the pace with your breathing, on the list. I wish you success last exam! What do not understand, can give me a message.
zhangy9005082010-01-29 01:15:08 +0000 #3
drink Red Bull and glucose heard, but I have not used, you can try, but if you do not exercise regularly with nothing to drink. 800-meter technique is that if you do not have absolute power then you are forced to follow one of the people on the matter sorted out, so you can save strength and breath to readjust to cope with examinations should be no problem. Believe me, practiced for several years, middle-distance race in!
saerdai122010-01-29 01:59:03 +0000 #4
beautiful to hear your message, unfortunately, so it, do not eat too much before you run things, but you must eat one of bananas, because bananas can be increased by 16% of the exercise time is 100 minutes of exercise you are tired, eat a 116 minutes can be tired, run 5 minutes before eating a thick chocolate will give you some of the spirit of excitement, glucose is about 10 minutes in advance to drink, its role is in the 800 meters in the second half to make your legs will not be fatigue become soft, these are the worst of, or recommend that you and the teachers to talk about the latest situation of their own is not suitable for such a strenuous exercise, after all, the body is the most important, I wish you success
K-Swiss Xiao-shun2010-01-29 02:50:35 +0000 #5
drink Red Bull and glucose


Do not eat too much before you run things, but you must eat a banana



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