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Dragonfly flying master, Grasshopper is a jump master, Lark is singing masters, three small animals,

Nimbus sister2010-01-29 01:01:48 +0000 #1
More detailed.
liu42172010-01-29 01:16:13 +0000 #2
dragonfly Carter, Grasshopper Sisi, and Braun Minnie

dragonfly Carter, Grasshopper Sisi, and Braun Minnie is a good friend, they are very helpful.

One day, bees Cecil sick, eat nectar. Dragonfly Carter knew, and told Sissy and Minnie, and working with them to discuss future plans. Carter said: "I am prepared to such an arrangement, I went to adopt nectar, Minnie Cecil to go to the bees singing, Sissy went to the bee slightest show the high jump." "This is really a good idea!" Minnie said with excitement. "I also agree!" Sisi raised his hand in agreement.

The next day, they are three early to Qile Chuang, Carter brought a jar on a hurry to fly out. Sisi and Minnie on the go with the bees Cecil's house. Carter came to his sister's flower, clove flower, the learn to gather honey bees usually slightest appearance, the honey pot stuffed, the bees fly home to Cecil. The Cc and Minnie to the bees Cecil's home, Sisi right Cecil said: "Cecil, this ability to jump a few days I have been raised, do not believe you can see!" She said, as he jumped up, what jumped a few meters. Cecil was surprised to say: "wow! Sissy, you're a hummer!" Minnie excitedly said: "Cecil, you can also listen to my singing bar!" Minnie清了清喉咙, burst into singing together . Cecil narrowing his eyes, to enjoy a look. At this time, Carter came back, Cecil saw those nectar, happy speechless.

After the meticulous care of their three, Cecil's illness immediately better. Cecil said excitedly: "Thank you!" These three will be carefully laugh.


Today, the forest can be lively, and small animals together to participate in the annual "Arts Festival Grand Prix." Who will be the only gold medal in the end it? Voice of the highest dragonflies, Braun and Grasshopper, the Da Huoer talk with enthusiasm.

Show started, the first appearance is a small rabbit, his performance was funny lovely ears dance, attracted the audience laugh. Grasshopper slowly onto the field, and laughter immediately stopped, Tai Huoer eagerly await Grasshopper performance of his paints - high-altitude drilling Ring of Fire. But Grasshopper just sang Taiwanese songs, although good, but everyone else was very strange.

Strange thing is more than one, and later played a lark, nor show her impressive singing, but performing a continuous Fan Gendou. This was very disappointed everyone else!

Performance to continue, and finally turn to dragonflies, and Tai Huoer very nervous, worried that accidents will happen again, thanks to everyone else down there is no dragonflies, performing an amazing skills of flight, has been the most enthusiastic applause, Arts Festival and won the only gold medal.

To accept the award when the dragonfly is not proud, but also the shame and excitement, said: "This award should not belong to me, but should belong to the Grasshopper and Lark. Just yesterday night, my house on fire, I am timid and afraid of death, first to escape, while a good neighbor Grasshopper and Lark was rushed to rescue. Braun's voice was choked by smoke, and Grasshopper's legs were also injured, so they can not perform their own unique skills. they are the real victory who! "

Overall the outbreak of a more warm and more sustained applause ... ...
shallow to sing farewell songs2010-01-29 01:13:24 +0000 #3
3P = =...



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