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400 how can improve the performance ah, now I have achieved is 1 minute, is track and field team. .

Jiang 227,2142010-01-29 01:02:06 +0000 #1

012ab0122010-01-29 01:14:00 +0000 #2
desperate when the exam has to run.
l7096968832010-01-29 01:20:06 +0000 #3
400 Mi sprint is also the need for good aerobic capacity is the hardest to run sprint. 7 days was too short, and very difficult to say how much can improve in this 7 days among the 4 days before the need to do some speed endurance exercises (400 m +100 m run, 90% of the speed of running a 400 meters, in-situ closed one minutes, Fan Shen made a run at full speed 100 meters a day, 3 sets or so, according to their physical condition to be), pull your aerobic capacity, three days after the start mainly for practice exercises and body drag ligament practice, maintaining state, can not go to too much strength.

400 m +100 m run can be a good exercise for your aerobic capacity and 400-meter final 100 meters of speed endurance, though time is too short, but fairly certain effect.

400 meter dash, on the way technical movements and sprint running, requires large stride frequency moderate (under the premise of ensuring the pace, a reasonable allocation of the frequency, if capacity is not enough, in front of the frequency too fast, then after 300 meters will cause rate of serious decline, it must pay attention to), pay attention to the thigh throughout the whole process as far as possible Gaotai, after tread should be full, the other is arm is very important, after the 300 meters sprint, because the legs of lactic acid accumulation may be There was unable to raise the feeling of legs, this time mainly rely on arm to boost the speed.

Your school's site conditions did well, if there are spikes, then is the ideal, and spikes can greatly increase Grilled soil fertility is a necessary condition for success of this run. If there are no spikes, then do not wear football shoes, football shoes, round nail is not rolling into the soil, in the process of high-speed running would be very separated feet, is not conducive to running 400 meters (basketball shoes are not suitable for sprint, at the end of thick affect the foot movements), wearing a light pair of sports shoes with thin soles of the feet can be a
King King 8882010-01-29 01:28:21 +0000 #4
Squat good! Lara ligament in peacetime! Multi-跑跑!



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