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Silkworms ss2010-01-29 02:01:15 +0000 #1
my performance ability is not very good, in front of the camera seems unnatural.

How to do? I hope that we teach!
hbc4dsg2010-01-29 02:12:31 +0000 #2
multi-front of the camera on the trip, and this is by practicing out. I am a broadcasting school students under the auspices of the past, came to power is also very tight knot, multi-everything on the line a few times.

Do not think the audience for your ideas, mentality flat, place themselves into the role to be played, into the movie and will not be nervous.

Usually have the opportunity to take part in office, do not fear a fool of myself, this is by practicing ourselves, our professional teachers will say this for a long time, if not of his own power, fierce look at the big shows, legs will be shaking, but it certainly to be calm and not think about on the list. This point can learn of those engaged in pyramid schemes, and they came to power every day is a compelling speech, do not say how long it can not be down, to put themselves paralyzed, and there would be no tension and not natural.

Normal to the mirror more than a day or more in his friend's face and thought, OPEN-point, do not relax!



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