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Long Jump Special Admission

Xu Weikun 92010-01-29 02:01:27 +0000 #1
My High School this year, and athletic achievements, academic achievement was not very good but fairly general,

particularly fond of basketball and track and field, I am special yes hurdles track and field, long jump, triple jump, 400M,

now long jump score of 6.34M triple jump but failed to 12.72M practiced

I ask you network under the name of a friend in my college entrance examination results will now be able to report that university
Game Ren rooms2010-01-29 02:14:47 +0000 #2
long jump 2 triple jump 6 meters 5

2 13.5 meters

In case you have not undergone the training, the results are outstanding, and can find a teacher, or go to school sports teams for more professional training, such as technical movements and the forces, have improved their run and jump .

If the third year sports scores will come up, you can take a single recruit ordinary normal school students must be physical.

There are If you're a great performance increase, a number of good schools to enter.




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