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Lower leg tibia and fibula late in the fatigue periostitis how do

wengc2010-01-29 02:01:39 +0000 #1
I have lower leg tibia and fibula fatigue periostitis has been 3 months of. Today, I ran 100 meters, has begun to calf tibia and fibula in great pain, no pain after 30 meters, but the finish after the pain began. I am sitting in a classroom and, occasionally, more pain. If the hand power under the instigation of pressure, there is obvious pain. Am I able to carry out a larger load of training, if not, may I ask you have other good suggestions? Thanks! ! ! ! (I have a high 3, and physical examination and 90 days to go, the situation is very urgent)
TongZi Tong2010-01-29 02:09:00 +0000 #2
shin bone pain, every track and field athletes have experienced, I too, walking pain, sitting, stood also hurt, but can not rest, can only go over the top, but not too much strength training, normal, Chomp insisted that not a month would be better. Certain.
Ancient Ancient eccentric ORZ2010-01-29 02:13:06 +0000 #3
venue too hard, or the naked running shoes, or you do not do a good job warming-up, run when the action in question. Look at your symptoms are there.

Periostitis not be a major illness, reasonable to say that you should have been good, but you may repeat some of your problems that led to such a long time and still so.

I used when training is also too time periostitis, in addition to warming-up the matter more fully than is normal for the conduct of training (I am a professional sports health, the training intensity bigger than you N times). Warming-up is in the affirmative pain, and slowly ran away like a train end adjustments, and relaxation, the legs or uncomfortable the next day or so. Should be not to three weeks I was cured. Periostitis is the way, if you do not run for some time and that can definitely raise a good, if the right exercise every day and that can be quickly recovered, for fear of that fixed about two days, and then suddenly to the playground or sufficient warm-up, kick into gear a few hundred meters remind himself that he ran a leg is not enough, this is the spoil himself.

As to what type of drug ah hot compress, and something is better than no bar, personal feeling is a psychological comfort.

Your physical education teacher should explain these to you for

remember. Warm-up, training, adjustment to relax. In accordance with the correct method of training before they can achieve their goals, or without straw. I wish you luck!



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