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With regard to running, primarily for the 800 training, professional that wants answers.

Old Rabbit viki2010-01-29 03:01:22 +0000 #1
I'm a third-year student, as well as two mid-test examination to test the women's 800, so he started with the purpose of training the ... ... but I run bad, 200-meter runway, about 4 minutes to run 800 more than 10 seconds.

His thoughts, the pressure quite large, one on the runway on the tense, almost two laps later fail at

me up 6:30 in the morning to run down the street, specifically how long I do not know, is a straight line, and must have 5,6,7 a bar ... ... just 100 meters the next day, can compare the uniform non-stop to run down.

I do not have anything online that would like more advice of a professional help me comrades, specifically how I should do, do not copy online, I have watched it ... ... This is a two-day legs feel more acid, that , organized a training school every afternoon, there are more than 1000 meters bar.

(And also, will the long muscles ah ... ...) sincerely thank each and every one to help my friend.
Feng snowster2010-01-29 03:13:31 +0000 #2
The classmates of your physical condition looks good, usually is not old to learn, and did not take part in sports activities? If you exercise more than usual, then this test is almost like playing on the exam passed. Hehe Closer to home, for I try to answer your question.

1, 800-meter endurance excessive consumption of reasons. Girls respiratory endurance is not a very good, and this point is relative to say.

So, pay attention to breathing is very important, your body is relatively thin, and this point is good, weight-bearing on the light point.

You said, "I was mainly endurance every time consumed too quickly .. quickly ran two laps of no strength .." Actually not, whenever everyone is like this, this is what professional practice where the speed resistance , this is not blame you, so I suggest you start 100 meters can be run with 70% of the force should not be taken to the running full sprint, so you oxygen faster, but the two-step method of running a call future, so that relatively easy, then steady running medium -600 m, during which we must learn how to use the nose breathing, do not easily mouth big mouth breathing, the final 100-meter sprint is the best time to when the respiratory rate faster than the mouth of the most natural to use on, do not not do, either, ah, He He. The last 100 meters is your time to improve performance. The so-called Pole you will certainly be, that is, breathing the most difficult period - mid-range time and therefore I tell you there is nose breathing, two further calls to a two-step absorption, this you have to practice.

Speaking of training I'll tell you, running is not difficult, first of all your ideas can not be overthrown, and do not want to run into a difficulty in breathing when you do not take Well, whatever. . That would only think the steps made heavy, rapid heartbeat, and even legs trembling.

To achieve good results, practice time basis, as long as you're not lazy, there is no practice bad, everyone can do any one thing, the key is whether it is willing to do my heart is not really want to complete the . Idea can prevail. You can look at the Grand Prix track and field sports stars how hard, and you run 800 more easily than they should.

This is what I said to use ideas to overcome the difficulties, provided that the ratio of sports is your perseverance, learning to learn, a run would be difficult to do than that? The key is how do you want to know? As long as the determination not able to fulfill the sport, and this is the spirit of sport, when you test a good time sports scores, but also when you harvest, Congratulations, your indomitable spirit more than ever, more willpower in!
Love Xiang Yun2010-01-29 03:50:19 +0000 #3
Where is so easy to long muscles do -

you are not a long time ...

TU -! Now ahead of training, and develop a habit, like a lot of the exam -!

Recommendations Now, do not practice running fast! but endurance training, you've very little movement, once the sprint easily lead to problems, and even their lives ....

night, do have time to exercise? 2 hours after dinner to run slowly for about 30 minutes ( Micro sweating)

persevered will not feel sore a -

With this foundation, I believe you will succeed -!

there ah, make preparations before the spot is very important, is the key to success, especially in winter

Simple summed up: jogging for half an hour every night (must adhere to)

to prepare before taking the test exercise (warm up)

not worry, the muscles will not be emotionally attached to people who do not like it ----!
437,056,9342010-01-29 04:13:52 +0000 #4
president of the muscles



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