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Urgent, seeking sports training programs

Mp3p4p5 it2010-04-11 18:12:15 +0000 #1
I am a high-3 Sports Health, has been training for a year and a half. Upcoming college entrance exam. I am in the normal training very hard, physical performance has greatly improved. Frustration from too low, so the results are still not pass the exam. Now, there is a month of training time, demand from various quarters hero big favor. How can I make a final intensive training, can do my sports scores higher level? Seeking to develop a knowledgeable friend to help strengthen the training program. Long as we can provide sports scores, and more cruel do. Thank you friends. I need to test 4: 200 meters [This is my special], 100 meters, long jump and shot put. My height is 172 cm, weight 58 kg. I plan to be fully developed to enhance fitness, because I do not how well the various aspects of physical fitness. Thank you friends. Entrance and then success or failure of this in one fell swoop ah.
mouse love holes2010-04-11 18:18:45 +0000 #2
Oh, I am also a sports college entrance examination over, the height and you are similar to some of my experiences: First of all, one month left, you will never again have amazing results, and now start to calculate the what results, the proportion of reasonable arrangement, special and quality of sub-final through. In this month in the morning to complete a long distance trail running, the speed can not be too slow, this can increase your stamina and endurance; morning to do more quality training, jumping, leapfrog, arm and other exercises in the afternoon do strength exercises. 200 meters long practice time to do more in the run when the acceleration record, gradual 400-300-200-150, standing long jump requires strength training, shot in fact rely on the technology that power is not decisive, learned to waist leg hair power skills, we can throw in the very far end of the phase to endurance, strength and technical training more, Da Dao catalytic role, Tisheng Keneng Xing Buda has, more power 训练, legs, waist, upper arm, multi-measure about 100,200 to improve the technology of small defects, so that hearts with bottom, long jump and shot put on much more than dancing to vote, repeatedly refined technical movements, this depends entirely on technology, master, and can achieve good the effect of a catalyst before the exam will refrain from doing simple and adjust the quality of training, take part in some games, find sense, pay attention Do not worry, hurt in trouble, you just practiced hard, they certainly have no problem, I believe own, I wish you good luck!
Dou_tm_nc2010-04-11 18:51:48 +0000 #3
you say about your first performance aspects it just last year I finished college entrance standards, or know about

By the way, there you have this physical examination is not the 60 points on the line? ?



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