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400 meters in 1 minute 53 seconds, save me! !

Bai Bing Hirotomo2010-01-29 03:01:55 +0000 #1
How to do how to do how do! ! ! !

I can not quite fat ah 177CM66KG

how it run faster. .

Who teach me how to practice sprinting speed grateful -
leoweibee2010-01-29 03:10:12 +0000 #2
one, pay attention to the development of endurance-based comprehensive physical training. Source of energy for the body during exercise, mainly in two ways; one aerobic metabolism (endurance exercise). Second, anaerobic metabolism (speed endurance exercise). Endurance of a comprehensive physical training, is to force through a long little aerobic activity to strengthen the capacity of the largest oxygen for future training to improve anaerobic metabolism and lay a good foundation. To this end, training in teaching, in addition to special arrangements for technical and other flexibility exercises, but also arranged 800 - 1000 Mi endurance running exercises, each time the pulse began to finish the 150 - 170 beats / min or so, the intensity should not be too large, according to the level of student training to improve and enhance the intensity of physical activity to achieve the purpose of teaching and training. 1, to enhance physical fitness, improve cardiovascular and respiratory functions; 2 to ensure a healthy, train hard-working determination and quality; 3, the consolidation of running technology, since childhood habit of running to relax; 4, promote metabolism, faster elimination of muscle lactate (muscles feel sore after exercise, the biochemical substances), in order to improve the speed and speed endurance training, hypoxia caused by environmental adaptability. Teaching in this area, pay attention to arrangements for a number of developing speed, strength, jumping ability, agility and other qualities of the game of practice. Such as the steeplechase, hurdle race, pursuit, relay, one foot or both feet jump and so on. Each practice time is not too long, when the students adapted to the teaching of this period of induction training, in the future to adapt to the teaching of some intensity interspersed larger projects. Such as high leg lift running, running after the tread and so on. A comprehensive physical training in order to gradually shift to the quality and improvement of the quality of training in technology-related boost. Second, pay attention to attention and do a good job the transfer rate of development. The problem is sprint teaching important subject. Sprint speed is the most important factor in the project. It is difficult to develop and improve the quality. Juvenile period of the nervous system offers greater flexibility and lively, is a good period of growth rate. If the endurance of a comprehensive physical training schedule is too long, can also cause students to produce sprint speed barrier. To this end, according to the number of classroom teaching and training, time and circumstances of the student training endurance training time and duration of the development of endurance and the development of rigorous training purposes disposes meeting arrangements. Growth rate using the following key tools: 1, repeatedly running 60M, 100M, 200M; 2, buildup 60M, 80M, 100M; 3, the road running between the 20M, 30M, 50M; 4, lines running between the 10M; 5, relay 50M × 4; 6, to listen to all kinds of signals start to do exercises 10M - 20M or so; 7, support or not support the in-situ fast, high leg lift exercises. Third, note that the pace of development at the same time, strict standardization of technology. 1, pay close attention to basic skills practice run. Elite athletes to hone their technology to go through hard won. The right technology, not only in form, more importantly, in the mechanical structure is more reasonable. We have such a common sense of it, to correct a wrong action than learning a new action much more difficult. Therefore, in teaching, I pay attention to the basics - running special technical exercises, often using small steps to run, after the tread running, stepping over specific technologies to run, and a comprehensive practice, in practice the strict demands repeated. 2, do a good job on the way to run. Sprint en route running is the most important part of this for a long time the fastest, but also run relaxed. Speeding up the frequency step should be fully based on the increase, the lower extremities of swing. To sum up the technical attention to four points: a "run stable. Do not focus too much ups and downs, if the force direction is up, is pedal to the angle is too large causes. 2 "high frequency. The process of running to climb, the back swing, legs and other successive movements faster and can not wait passively. How fast does not come? The main strength of the calf and ankle joints worse. This regard, I should pay attention to supporting activities. Such as rope skipping, running small step up, frog jumping, running, etc. to develop flexibility in lower extremity strength. Also strengthening the thigh muscles after contraction force. 3 "big stride. The pace of running is not only fast, but also the legs stride, so the need to strengthen the leg strength training, do all kinds of jumping movement exercises. Such as standing 5 jump, standing 10 jumping, leapfrog, 40M - 60M stride jump, jumping stairs and so on, another stretching exercises to strengthen leg lift. 4 "right arm. The process of running to swing big, strong, forward after the swing, swinging with the direction and coordination of lower limbs in order to effectively improve sprint performance. Swing of the arms are correct and effective, can increase the strength and speed after the tread. This regard, I note that use of a variety of weight-bearing and non-weight-bearing exercise arm ways. Such as push-ups, dumbbell chest, dumbbell lateral flat move, such as the standing practice of natural arm methods, and cultivate the right arm moves
hands swordsman2010-01-29 03:26:28 +0000 #3
Do not use their feet to follow, the body slightly forward, reducing resistance, arms not around Swing
attained immortality as2010-01-29 03:12:15 +0000 #4
the starting line 10 seconds to keep the speed up, try to speed up, followed by maintaining this rate, until the end. (In this process, in fact, the speed can be improved)
buddhason2010-01-29 04:50:11 +0000 #5
key is to keep up with your physique! I suggest you to practice a high leg lift, squat jump, and finally point is to strengthen the arm exercises, such practice is more than a week to improve ten seconds no problem!
8wy17735852010-01-29 05:24:25 +0000 #6
increase stride, the 400 meters as four copies, one for every 100 meters to capture one, just started slowly, refueling.
I am a Raelian2010-01-29 05:17:46 +0000 #7
I am a track and field team, and I remember to be skipping Miao 40054. Run 600



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