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How to quickly improve the very poor, very poor in the standing long jump? (Chongqing friend you rec

W54jk2com2010-04-11 21:10:30 +0000 #1
speaking I am not so shameless, three days of the year, female, 1.58m, 50kg, but the long jump only. . . 140 several centimeters (Table laugh)

Sports Performance is a small difference to the big difference, and had virtually no cells. . . Fortunately, only a cultural lesson, send the elite class could have been the results, but is to be dragged sports, perhaps the test of time, then perhaps if the mistake was not focused on high school sports sub-Bird

very important here, although the other two results are not how, but did not jump so bad. A pull is 20 somewhat, it can not be reconciled.

Do not know why I just do not jump up, tuck jump can not simply sit, legs income is not high

There does not receive help me ah. . . By the way in the few months if I Pinlelaoming, then the number increased up to (be able to pass ah) I will Pinliaolaoming of

hope it will not copy Wikipedia Wikipedia

hope not hope not to copy copy Wikipedia Wikipedia

do not wish to copy (the other 20 Wu Cheng eight shuttle run, a solid ball can you direct me)

in Chongqing, a friend you recommend a good sports tutorial, grateful.

coppeliachou2010-04-11 21:15:07 +0000 #2
really tell you first, standing long jump, then you can skip step 3 four such exercises add up very effect
lil_nathan2010-04-11 21:44:57 +0000 #3
almost impossible to quickly improve daily adherence to leapfrog the stairs, positive effects, also you said you do not jumping up and abdomen abdominal muscle strength that is certainly not recommended every day approximately 200 sit-ups, Oh I was in Chongqing, as early as four years in the test than you haha, we were not test the sports, but I did not test from Sichuan, and gave him contributions to the old 30000. If the key recommendations on the Nankai and Sichuan, the Sichuan good grades, scores on the Nankai soso. 1, eight in the no-line, personal views Ha, ha ha. I wish you well in your exams.



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