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Canoe Training Regulations

ping China2010-01-29 03:02:14 +0000 #1
countries have not provided training at the canoe must wear a life jacket, I want a national provisions
drizzle Point Star2010-01-29 03:07:58 +0000 #2
Canoe Kayak Flatwater Project Competition Rules:

leather designated hydrostatic and the Slalom race boat rules established by the International Canoe Federation, applicable to international draw together recognized international competitions.


hydrostatic rules of the game should be chosen by lot by the boat decided to play a pass to participate in preliminaries, in order of priority. Athletes should be when the order to get the sail of the preparations.

Sail shall be free from the impact of the absence. Qu Qi staff is responsible for coordinating the location of the boat at the starting point should be made to bow in a sail boat competition online. Made to have the orders could be issued in that shouted "10 seconds to start" within 10 seconds after the appropriate time to make hair, hair to make the password for the "Go" or the Ming gun.

Game on the way the provisions of

the match, prohibit non-participating boats to enter in whole or in part of the fairway, or even outside the area buoys. 1,000 meter competition, athletes must be from the point of origin to destination within the paddle of this channel. Athletes should be possible to maintain the center of its channel line paddle, the distance between the two players shall not be less than 5 meters.

During the match, due to their own reasons capsize the boat, allowing athletes do not rely on others to help re-boarded the vessel to continue to play, but not beyond the fairways, and should be designated before the start of the next group match to finish to be effective.

The boat through the end of the first to reach the finish line provides time for the arrival time, the boat all the athletes must be considered through the finish line of this channel effectively. At this point, end point referee issued a long application audio equipment to reach the signal.

Race boat through the finish line, boats should channel cards, such as the channel for some reason lost card, athletes finish referee should explain the situation and report channel number, wait for channel referee's decision.

Weather forecasting rules, the competition, the General Assembly Organizing Committee for the teams to provide daily weather forecasts, including daily temperature, precipitation, humidity, visibility, wind conditions (wind speed and wind direction).

Canoe Slalom Project Competition Rules:

departure provisions of

normal circumstances, athletes in the departure area is ready to take the starting static way, by a crew member to help Rotary departure. Preliminaries starting sequence designated by the International Union under the athlete's world ranking to be confirmed; semi-final starting order according to preliminary results to be confirmed; final results to determine the starting order according to the semi-finals results after a good start.

Through the water gate and the drain gate penalty provisions for athletes must follow the order and the Watergate numbers marked in the right direction through a variety of Watergate. Watergate set by the Zongcaipanchang, referees chief, technology organizers, and the circuit designer to determine. Athlete of the entire head and Tingshen in whole or in part by the Watergate connection between the rod, boat, paddle and body does not touch any part of the door bar and to specify the direction through the water door, deemed to be correct through, not penalty points; such as athletes boats, paddle or body through the water, hit the door of the gate pole, as a touch rod, penalty 2 points; if athletes do not have doors or through the designation of the water in the wrong direction, as a missed gate, penalty 50 minutes.

Race broken or lost during the paddle, the player can only use the spare paddle boats. When the boat bottom-up, the athletes (C2 in either a player) can be regarded as turning away from the boat when the boat.

Calculation results and the results are announced

2 game time (in seconds) + penalty = results. Results calculated for each round of competition:

Match Time: 2'20 〃 82 = 60 +60 +20.82 = 140.82,

penalty points: 2 +2 +50 = 54,

Total: 194.82 seconds.

Athletes in the race was canceled out of the boat round results.



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