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Watching a tug of war competition essay

simple approach of the bubble2010-01-29 04:01:07 +0000 #1
watch five or six tug-essay, 350 words or so! Urgent, urgent, urgent tomorrow, paid a
ccxidu13142010-01-29 04:04:37 +0000 #2
very young age do not learn to get lazy and writing skills to develop an early age, the network Although it can provide you with convenience, but it can also delay your future
mom within the next year2010-01-29 04:06:43 +0000 #3
On Wednesday, the school held a tug of war competition, I have class athletes With plenty of confidence, a powerful force, the spirit of the 2-0 win over tenacious of the former three-time winner 6 (c) the classes, broke into two strong.

This afternoon, I class the students all of them have like drinking stimulants in general, excited and highly motivated. I am also gearing up emotions, looking forward to the race start, although the defending champions up Jiugen (3) classes meet, but our confidence has been no reduction, only to win.

A grade to fourth grade, pull over, approaching us, indeed, really a bit nervous, heart hung on. "6 (d) Class attendance." Our class's "Hercules" were to stand formation (I was standing in the third row), an air of imperturbable took to the battlefield, when I sent out to the other contempt of the "shock", with the teacher's password, and we picked up the rope, feet relying on foot, the center goes down, the body towards the posterior arch. Suddenly, my class cheerleaders massive attendance, and by the small teacher "Zuozhen," gave us a lot of encouragement. At this point, Zhao teachers raised red flags, "preparation", I focus on thinking, gracefully posture. "Start", the two sides at the same time force, regardless of up and down. We blushed and together tilted back, the exhaustion of feeding effort, teeth next pull. I felt the muscles are stretched too tightly, the body heat, struggling to hang in there. The students broke out amazing willpower, work, and achieved the first game victory. We cheer for a while and encouraging each other. Exchange site, we do not relax. A beginning, we have to pull backward, look! Pay together eyes stared at the front, Zhangtailezui, shortness of breath, face Biede red, like the drunk Tahan, where desperately pulling out of the nurse with the enthusiasm. I have a last-ditch, "ah" and shouted, straining backward pull, cheerleaders are also very energetically, look, Li Wenhao seemed nervous than we do, who do the movements, shouting while refueling faster dumb throat, and face utter the least a good red. Hu Zhou teachers and teachers play teachers are also continually give me fuel, give me an incentive. (3) class "Warriors" is also very tough, rope middle of the red flag is so naughty, for a while to go over there for a while went to side, tug of war but our strengths, through every possible effort, Ban's "Hercules" finally with the sweat due for a victory, we hold together, cheering, tired all behind, and only the joy of success. (3) Class students reacted with despondency to reelection four crown dream was over.

Back to the classmates of the excitement has not the past, talk with their own process, teachers are smiling, and a strong sense of honor flock to my mind, this naive happy.
wangxu1245782010-01-29 04:35:32 +0000 #4
prepared! "Issued orders cue from the instructor shouted. Players grasp the rope with both hands, face stretched too tightly, and the sharp focus on the teacher hands flags. Their feet in the ground like a nail-like, body tilting backward. Audience continuously addressed to students cheer.

"toot" whistle, and pitch a joy. both players make every effort to pull back, his mouth could not help the issue "Hei hei" sound. this group and five (5) classes finals. the first game lost in our class, but each of us like a little tiger team to make enough effort and Side with both hands clenched rope, body backward, forks and legs energetically ground Dengzhe way. The students in our class did not preparedness, and that big rope pulled inch by inch in the past. "5 (3) Class refueling! 5 (3) Class refueling! "Broke out of a site on the cheer.

Of a sudden, I do not know where he comes from a wave of students in our class, some fresh set teeth, and some tight face, and some hold their breath, face was reddened, and like a monkey butt. everybody Dengyuan full use of fresh eyes could see that big rope little by little, moved to our class. Suddenly, the rope not move the game into a stalemate. At this time, the playground has Hanqi the deafening sound of the refueling . and encouraging students waving flags. The two sides locked in a stalemate about a few seconds later, five (5) classes to work together to send a huge force, suddenly refuse a big rope, the red flag at once crossed the river border. 5 ( 5) The class victory.

Although we have lost in the final, only had one second. but "never say die" in faith inspire us, we will have fresh stocks used in the school



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