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This track what nails? How to run 200 meters stapler

efg3081308562010-01-29 04:01:32 +0000 #1
our school track, above a lot of small red plastic dolphin (pick-up is a small red plastic), what is the runway??

Run 200 m and 100 m and pretend to be nailed good? how install? Qing Geige Scientific stapler way .. want to have a professional to help Ra
Double pot, a bottle of blue2010-01-29 04:07:01 +0000 #2
your school site that is well suited to flexible plastic runway run and jump Item

General plastic runway using a short nails because the spike bar into the plastic track and then lift knee while they do not feel less obvious, but in the 100 meters in more than 50 years, if every step of the step are subject to such effects is detrimental to

plastic track select short nails

only in the carbon residue before the runway with a longer running spikes because of the carbon residue has played a very loose in order to tread to the effect of drawing is necessary to use spike

As you said there is no scientific method stapler clearly indicate that the individual situation is different soles of the feet hair strength are also different that they can select the new spikes and then practicing on the runway you will see several changes in spikes usually not do special requirements

Each pairs of running shoes are equipped with Kai screw device , as long as the installation of a compact can be a wishing well

refueling bar
Hello to find someone to2010-01-29 04:29:17 +0000 #3
If your runway is granulated then you need to use spike and 1.200 meters high levels of grip



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