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Yi-Xin Yue2010-01-29 04:02:16 +0000 #1
urgent! Urgent! Urgent! ``````````-)-- Of more than 400 characters
Kaiser-Lin Na2010-01-29 04:07:12 +0000 #2
days, we have ushered in the second session of the game writing class, the game's name is "group co-clip game. "

Before the start of the game, we first conduct the first session of the writing activities, the award ceremony, to take this opportunity and give our class the game design masters awarded honorary certificates.

Well, hurry to talk about today's game, or bar! You must be so urgent now?

Then I would let you tell us about the rules of the game. Rule is: the whole class divided into eight groups, the first group than in 1,3,5,7, then 2,4,6,8 group than that. In the course of the race the body can not touch the glass ball, can only use chopsticks, one-minute game time, clip the ball to win the largest group, if someone illegal, the Sub-race results are not valid.

The teacher should first group of team leaders 1,3,5,7 take the podium on the materials, team leader back material, the teachers did not say that started the classroom into chaos has become a group, the teacher jumped up and anxious to be faster a.

"Start!" Our group saw a group of matches to see a group of students running around in circles makes me feel a little funny, I have found that they still some lack of unity, blaming each other with. I accidentally looked backward and saw behind the leaders came up to watch you race. See other group members regardless of race, whether or not the audience are in a twitter that Mei Wan.

"Stop!" The first round of the time is up. Teachers must bear in mind performance, and a group of 17 folders, three groups of 20, five groups of 25, seven groups of 30, "Wat Sai! Seven groups of how so many!" Some students cried. 7 Group 8 leader of the team results from the YANG Lei to report on, Yang Lei to report results after the teacher said: "The teacher, seven groups of Dong Feng Ze foul, and in the final time, he sees his team's performance very well, to take a handful of glass beads into a box, so they group very high performance! "The teacher confirmed that Dong Feng Ze do After a foul, said:" seven groups of results null and void and disqualified! I feel sorry for you. " hey, I also really sorry for them, ah! However, they This is also self-inflicted.

The first round of results recorded over, the second round will also be kicked off of. With the teacher's order, my heart, "Bang, bang," to jump drastically, how do I so excited ah! Our group of people have no unity. Hey, let alone players, and to me this is not when the head of what ah. Start a folder for a while, and then I look at using chopsticks two glass balls inside out, I felt that the United States呀. Surprisingly, Zhao Cong one chopstick go put the ball to poke out, my mouth said: "So how do you hate ah, I just clip up!" I think he should not deliberate it, but I was so angry to say. Now think of it, really want to say sorry with the Zhao Cong.

In our group game, a group of students cheering for us, our hearts were very excited.

End of the game, we clip the ball 20 groups, four groups of 24, six groups of 16, eight sets of 29, needless to say, you already know the group of eight to win the title.

End of the game should be written in the text, and in writing before the text of the teacher let us talk about the team first, and then the teacher came to power and then point a student oral composition.

The discussion is over, thought that the teacher would call me, but the teacher was called a Lei Yang to speak, my mind there is an indescribable taste, feeling sour, and there may be some reason for his bar jealous!

Lei Yang put a very good race, the teacher laughed, and leaders is also smiling and slowly, I think the teacher is called Lei Yang is right. Yang Lei excellent performance, so that teachers pleasantly surprised, although some lost my mind, but I was happy, because I was in a lively atmosphere in the classroom had a fun and tense a lesson.


Reference: Yiziyizi to fight Oh!



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