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I can do to improve their physical fitness?

sample灬2010-01-29 05:01:06 +0000 #1
He is very ordinary, has recently wanted to exercise, want to improve their all-round physical fitness, I remember that just arrived for the first time his freshman 400-meter test, running down and it took 1.20 seconds, is the kind of Henlan, high school, push-ups okay, can be a hundred, and now the Internet is that the University is not sleep, feeling physically weak and did not go to exercise a lot, ask my 88 year-old, and would like to dramatically improve the quality of a very muscular physique to do to run? Probably have to spend more time with immediate effect? I do not physically ligament is good, 400 would like to use 1-minute end run do? 800mi 2.30 seconds can do to do? Prawn help out ...
529.03973 million2010-01-29 05:09:40 +0000 #2
If you just insist on a line up every morning to run laps, at the beginning can run 23 laps, and then according to their own situation Zhuo increase the amount of weekly own set a plan, which day training speed, strength, endurance ... as long as they do, insist on down, will certainly have a good body! Refueling Oh!



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