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On the standing long jump and the floor material Relations

tvxqtion2010-04-12 06:10:51 +0000 #1
I am standing long jump was good, but because of certain relationships, I never failed in the long jump, there are two days I took the test, I can do nothing further in their own ability to have for the enhancement. I have been practicing at home on the wooden floor, feeling very good results consistently, and practiced did not grow, I ask, standing long jump performance and flooring materials related to it? School is plastic track, the home is wood flooring, where relevant, in which material on the ground will jump well? More generally how many centimeters? I am really anxious to know the problem ---

thanks a
Chinese floor net cn2010-04-12 06:19:58 +0000 #2
wood friction of the floor to give you a big venue certainly not plastic.

So practice at home, you pedal out of the reaction is relatively small. Plastic should be at school site on the results will be better.

Also, I suggest you wear running shoes to test the soft texture, do not wear the kind of climbing shoes, tennis shoes, hard texture of the Board Shoes shoes like exams. Relaxation of the maximum activities of ankle room, walk away when the big hand to the extent that the use of a bit of inertia.



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