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Tug of war competition

Just close to the bubble2010-01-29 06:01:13 +0000 #1
5, the sixth grade tug of war competition, urgent, urgent, anxious day, Monday paid!
10091772972010-01-29 06:10:36 +0000 #2
is writing do
zjywyzy2010-01-29 06:13:04 +0000 #3
tug of war contest

To celebrate the arrival of 61, the school held a solemn specially tug of war contest. Students to hear this news, ecstatic.

Approaching playground up and tug of war game to be started. I do not know where this news came at. Students quickly come to the playground, only to hear the referee announced the rules of the game, and then officially begun.

Started, the scene shifted from the low tide, the students cheering, stomping sound and blend into one, finally wait until our class, male students were quick to battle, to stand, and everyone had struck a posture, as "workers" department type, Braving feet feet, hooked legs; body to live backward, his hands like a pincers-like, forced to seize the large hemp rope. Wait for whistle sounds, the students have resorted to feeding the fresh, like one just like Tiger. We are in the hands of tendons and unexpected. Muscle tension, body hair straight fine hair, hair ruffled, his forehead shrunk to a circle, palms were very red rope Le, and some even blistering, and sweat rolling. Despite this, we energetically to pull forward, the more pull the hands of the more "ruthless", we bite the bullet, or suffer from pain, and thought: we must persevere and can not relax, we must win, we must win. We continue to Move one leg, the more moved further and further away, a red scarf from point gradually moved closer to our side. Seeing that we will have won six of 15 classes to be outdone, each exert effort for, cheek muster, facial swollen red hair, like a steel one Warrior. We had originally thought that we win the game, so pay attention to each other, and may be six classes of 15 students take advantage of our less note, came a sudden "attack." This time, it can draw us hangs up, staggered like a drugged-like drink. Red scarf from the other side nearer and nearer, how can we do? Around some of the teachers encouraged us for our fuel, the students began to calm, cheer up, cheer cheerleading has also given us: "6 16 flights, refueling, six of 16 classes, refueling ... ..." After hearing the cheerleaders cheering sound, we for a while myself full of energy, forced to pull the rope backward, red scarf and slowly come to rely on us, "won!" we exclaimed.

Than the second field, because the last time the students are too proud and annihilated. Third too.

At this point, we do not lose heart, because we do a. Therefore, we have for our victory cry: "ah! We" win "the ... ..." This voice is the voice of victory, but also with a united voice. It echoes in the sky a long time.

Ah, how exciting tug-ah, it not only makes our friendship deeper, thicker, more united, and gave us a tremendous joy, tremendous ... ...



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