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252,239,8052010-01-29 06:01:47 +0000 #1
The best short-point, extremely grateful, not enough points can then be.
domesticated hen's Bear2010-01-29 06:11:43 +0000 #2
- To 200 meters athletes

summer playground

was actually so beautiful

beautiful is almost desperate you are squatting on the starting line

Every piece of muscle from the top of stubborn

Like a statue slowly

You slowly raised his head

determination disclosed in the eyes of the greedy


hair finally flew up into a red bar red bar

to find the brave goshawk in my mind the sun

a small stick, the connection is a small stick of solidarity and fraternity, passing the courage and strength to a small wooden, interpretation of is the struggle and hard work fuel bar! Let this exciting moment, has been echoing in our hearts!

Li Xian-induced long-jump athlete run-up like an arrow,

grasshopper-like take-off,

in the air walking performances,

cause blowing and wonder,

floor moments,

you have touched the sand soft,

In any case,

honor will always belong to you.

Wrote 100-meter athlete

100 meters is lunacy of the world!

10 meters in the morning twilight on the horizon!

20 m is slightly red light!

30 meters out of the sun to the horizon!

40 m wind is bolted!

50 m cheers

60 m less than

70 meters air force has been the order of

80 meters in front of light on the set of

90 meters

100 meters to win won!

To 100 meters short of the moment athletes


shows that you at an alarming rate,

sonorous and forceful roar is heard,

the power of your body are collected in this inscribed.

Good work! Refueling ah!

Time is short does not mean that you have passion for a short,

distances that your success is not long but far,

believe in yourself and Charge!

Victory is at hand,

lost will not be reproduced!


induced by the referee is a selfless sword

You are impartial judges, a party hot spot

foot overhead a blue sky

sand, sun

mouth cleft, lips dry

you to stand erect sculpture

stand in a picture

you, as standard-bearer of the skies a stadium dedication


no cheers

--- addressed to the General Assembly, the same referee's scorching,

the same exposure,

there is no cheer ,

there is no excited acclaim.

You are using precision instruments,

and meticulous patience,

a record of brilliant athletes.

I am proud of you,

work hard,

beloved teacher!

To the referee

a good start is half,

but you are - judge a teacher,

is even more critical that we reach the finish line.

You have a fair is that we used to walk in the foot;

You for your patience that we crossed the step;

you are serious is that we walked the streets.

Balance significantly depending on just like you are out of integrity of character.

Please let me say it again:

referee Teacher, you're hard!

No regrets

regardless of the outcome of the choice is good or bad

no regrets are our choices

When Mercedes-Benz in the 400-meter track athlete when

We bless you for your cheers

less than the last moment of you will never give up the faith entrusted

has become our beliefs


Fly! Wings belongs to you

Human-induced long-distance runners at that moment to show the strength,

hard at that moment into the starting point of life,

in which all things even for a moment into a useless,

only know that victory and not far away,

raised his head and looked at the front

the finish line had been faintly visible,

countless days and nights of hard work,

will be honored today.

Sprinkle a hard sweat,

to continue to lift the pace of tired,

broke out a roar Spirit in,

to continue to move forward,

whether successful or not, you have to have,

Does anyone remember that,

in the end cheers,

shocked four weeks?

To 3000 m of barren hills and remote places athletes

walked trough Gao Xia,

we lit bonfires along the way,

one-stop one-stop way to be left behind,

we feel tired and confused.

There is such a long way to stretch the distance,

Napian Stars hidden in the distance where,

far away hiding in a tree where the fairy tale sinking,

good work,

struggle Bar!

Afar have our own ideals,

by our hopes!

Caused by long-distance runners

I know

This is a test of wills,

long runway,

left a long insisted.

I know

This is a test of endurance,

each step forward,

full of perseverance and determination.

I know

you are a star today,

It is my sincere wish for you

For you cheer!

No regrets the choice of


look at you-induced long-distance runner on the track the more gradual pace of a heavy,

was used to encourage your rhetoric,

now become so powerless.

So I chose silence,

at the bottom of my heart for you silently blessing.

For the same did not dare challenge the limit,

Why do you want to climb,

no turning back,

knowing that this road to go hard,

Why do you want to ambition?

Perhaps you is the courage to put scales,

on the other side will hold up the entire earth,

Do you know?

Your regrets have been carrying you,

arrived in an elegant landmark blocks,

inscribed youth Notes

no regrets

400 meters caused by athletes on the runway,

you are speeding,

the face of so far away,

you may be numb legs and feet,

you may be some loss.

But you know,

in your behind, and some students are both looking forward to one's eyes;

behind you, that you sweat in training on day after day.


bravely forward bar!

In order to honor the collective, to the motherland tomorrow! ??

To 400 meters athletes

is still faced with the blue sky,

is still the golden sunlight,

is still green grass,

is still red runway,

is still you, brave of you,

strong you are.

The difference is,

the sky is more blue, the sun even more brilliant,

the grass is more general, such as jade,

runway more of the bright,

and you will certainly be more self-confidence,

your results will inevitably be more brilliant.

Might be caused by long-distance runner you a bit daunting,

Our hearts long blood boil.


long runway,

left a deep footprint you. You wiped away the sweat seeping

pull not move your heavy feet.

You to class,

do not care about their own fatigue,

1500 meters caused by drops of sweat athletes


drift in the pitch, the

accompanied by vigorous pace,

play a tune of hope and goodwill.

A variety of beliefs,

on the azure sky,

along with your vision of that deep,

to draw a beautiful arc.

Life can have several return stroke?

Thousands of pairs of eyes watching you,

in order to hope that, in order to win,

ran out of youthful dreams.

In the hands caused by shot-putter grasping that the heavy shot,

that shot on the agglutination of your hope, your ideal

pooling the strength of the body to launch an ideal,

introduced hope ,

shot in the air, shining,

good in the air and light



1 induced by shot-putter graceful arc across the front of Fuxianglianpian

I can not help this wonderful arc Line ah

condensed the number of sweat,

no-lun arc ah the hands of a number of eager anticipation.

It is so natural, is so perfect,

there is no regret, only to leave an aesthetic experience.

I want you to stay forever

let my heart be printed on a curve

shot put shot putter letter from your hands, throw,

in the air across a,

beautiful parabola.

Shot from the air across,

fall competition ground,

left a wonderful mark.

Every time throwing,

is a manifestation of passion;

every floor,

are the result of the efforts.
12060304012010-01-29 06:15:59 +0000 #3
We are opening over, you still unopened games ah
Portland Mourning New Li River2010-01-29 06:57:32 +0000 #4
winds whisper to me: "Movement is light years like me!"

Rain to me whispered: "Movement is the most of me!"

Ray whispered to me: "Movement is sonorous and forceful like me!"

electric whisper to me: "movement is bright and transparent like me!"

sports bar! In the movement to accept the baptism of wind and rain, thunder and lightning in the movement feel the flash
526,516,4972010-01-29 06:14:23 +0000 #5
Ring track lap lap again insisted that energy and perseverance active on the runway, soaked the clothes, the profusely sweating, unlimited struggle , unlimited pursuit, we are active for you, we are proud of you.



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