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More knowledgeable on the shot into (such as: coaches, etc.)

Crystal Light two2010-04-12 14:11:08 +0000 #1
Hello! My body height: 1M78-1M80 between the weight: 163 pounds three days of the year I do not understand anything from a multi-practice from 8M results of a two-month contest is a little more on the mentioned 12M (4KG of) three days of the second term not train teachers to guide their practice more than three months it almost to the test I shot to push the 11.48M (in situ lateral, 5KG's) 6KG side shot put it on just push the 10.49M (with Sliding of ) Note: I was born there 93 10 I ran 100 meters to 12 seconds, the best result 11.68s (hand of dollars) Will my body shot training useful?
HU cha2010-04-12 14:19:36 +0000 #2
done quite well Well, you asked to look at how you would like to develop the future, if you want to test general strokes. Because it is the unified national examinations, more formal, more comprehensive inspection also. Shot is your special, examination of 40 minutes. Also need to test the three basic qualities, each of the 20 points. Have 100M, 800M, in situ standing long jump, standing triple jump, and shot put (5KG) in three. The quality of the view as you move the dominant Kapu. If you intend to test in strokes (single strokes), which is not particularly strict requirements for performance, well aware of ... ... within the strokes are hit by the money out. Another is to test high-level athletes. This seems to only focus on one institution only some of strokes, and high performance requirements, colleges and universities recruit to be used for playing games. This can also be based on your results to determine the cultural lesson. Let me say that since you have the advantage of millions of high school with a good coach. Three years to have a qualitative breakthrough. For then the requirements of your actions is very high, from the arm, slide step, transfer hips, Angle, brake, call the ball, kick board. Requirements with the fine. If these are not really learned that you coach is failure. To tell the truth your body shot inappropriate practice, but you have to make up for the quality of these came up. I believe if you tell a good coach, the future is still quite good.



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